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  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/1540531466221485/
  2. We are looking for some Help to work a booth for the weekend at the Blue Oval Rally in Hermann MO If someone would like to help please pm or email me Frydguy79@yahoo.com Any help would be appreciated
  3. How many are going To Hastings NE next week for the event??
  4. Heck some us still remember Bud.. Crispy. . Donnie B.... So many of us will remember Jer.....years from now..
  5. if your doing a heat exchanger upgrade.. dont buy 1 without fans PERIOD...
  6. on a 07 i would recommend a replacing the heavy lower crank pulley with either a 2008 and up or go to a 10% overdrive unit while you are there you will save quite a few lbs of rotating mass either way..
  7. probably not a lot of 13 air bags got signed without auto pen.. will a 2011-12 fit??
  8. i have canvas 32x44 print that i took to the 85th Bash and Carroll signed and dated it.. its a #1 of 750 prints made ... and the only 1 signed... its never been framed and it has not been out of the tube in 3 years... and i know Carroll signed tons stuff over the years... but how many items did he date?? the print is a ford atrehouse print and is the 2008 KR print that ford used to promote the KR.. silver with blue stripe i am open to serious offers.. i would rather not list it on ebay...
  9. the factory clutches all suck...i had 3 of em.. you like the RXT... i love mine and its been great...
  10. #1 reason to go to Vegas??? to party... and to see the gang at SAI... or both... plus i have a few friends that happen to live in vegas.... #999 to gamble...
  11. Phil its the premium package car... in otherwords it sucks a little less than the 1ss car...
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