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  1. Could get interested! First time back in the site in at least 3 years. Interested in doing something to my car for my typical Dream Cruise visit in August. Getting stripes painted is currently highest on my bucket list.
  2. Sam, Really would not expect issue with using the SGT plates with a bigger rotor. I have the SGT plates to still put on with having upgrade to GT500 4 pot Brembo calipers. I had asked Jer about difference SGT to GT500 plates and difference was little in diameter and the adapter for attachment to the plate was different to handle bigger GT500 diameter hose. Effectiveness may be a little less as I expect the air coming into the rotor to not being directly against as much of the brake plate. Still you are getting air into the corner to force that bad hot air out. Good luck, interested on results. I have not done mine as I have not found free time to get use of hoist at my company to do the work. You obviously know from dealing with heat exchanger fit that it is not a thing easily done on jack stands. Tom
  3. Before I did my SGT upgrade to the GT500 front brakes I asked a friend at the company providing the ABS system for the S197. Basic module that your brake lines go to is the same unit but there can be different numbers for the calibrations within the software. His recommendation through his Ford team members was not to worry about the calibration differences. Very minor items differed for my mid April to early November operation of the vehicle. Really cold weather on ice might have just little more trouble. Having same rear brakes between the SGT/GT and GT 500's will have same reactions going to the rear as rear axle weights are very close for ABS tuning. ABS system has become the proportioning controls to the rear brakes. With near same mass and limitation that tire traction contributes,it decides what is required to keep rear wheels staying behind the front. DrKSGT
  4. Booster and master cylinder do not need to be replaced to put the GT500 Brembo's on. My fiend in the Ford brake department confirmed that SGT and GT500 were using the same unit. Brake system sizing is done as combination of caliper piston sizes front and rear as a ratio to the master cylinder and the mechanical ratio of the brake pedal. The four pot Brembo calipers were sized to use same amount of fluid as the twin pot slider on the GT Mustang giving same amount of travel for an applied pressure. The gain in feel is made better due to the 1" larger rotor diameter giving about 15% lower fluid requirement to get same pressure to preform any given deceleration. Feels shorter and more responsive. Friction level in Hawk pads is higher and that results in less pressure too for given deceleration rates you desire.
  5. Had a discussion today with a Brembo person I compete with in customer service. She warned me about any caliper resembling the Brembo brakes used on the GT500. They are having extreme issues with cloned parts from other countries. These Cardone may be legitimate but, complaints they get for shoddy look alike has come back to haunt them in their warranty. These clones do NOT take all the precautions that is being built into the production calipers. Poor iron, porosity, and inclusions can disable the caliper and cause big problems. Relative to the external cross over tube in the Brembo caliper, they are not serviceable. Another item in production is the pressure test conducted when caliper is complete to be sure there is no leak present. Attempts to service usually results in weakening the thread integrity and could result in break down of the joint. It is an aluminum body accepting a tube nut. Either over torqued or tubing getting skewed alignment can manifest itself in a leak. I prefer to use OE or products from companies known to have been well established in the market. Prefer to pay some more to know the reliability has been built in. I upgraded my SGT with GT500 take off set and stainless steel hoses. The increase in Rotor diameter was biggest factor to improve feel of the brakes on the car. I have Hawk pads I will use when I finally decide track day is needed. I did have to give up the Bullet wheels for a design that would accept the fixed Brembo caliper design. Net is I am happy with results. DrKSGT
  6. They do not come with connectors, just bare end wires that can be spliced into the connectors Shelby left from vehicle. I had done some checking on getting Ford connectors but did not find a path for just the connector. Sometimes you can get the pieces and solder/crimp terminals to the light wire ends and make it look factory. Have not had issue with spliced connection done by installer. Dash switch operates just as it should. Tom
  7. Gabber, Day late to wish your happy Birthday. Picture with the dog implies your life is doing well. Your dog that is happy for your attention, obvious someone to share and beer and take the picture. Live long and well to the next countdown goal. Happy New Year! Tom
  8. Grabber, Been watching this thread without commenting, just little envious. Kind of egged me on a few years back when I had a rare couple slow work days to figure out when to start a count down. The date had been known for a while based on reaching the Social Security age of 66 and birthdate falling on a Labor Day weekend. Magic of that week to me was if I worked to the Friday I will have been working in the Auto industry for 44 years and 1 month to the day. Interesting was that in March 2012 there was 2000 days to my date. Did not seem that bad of increment to shoot for considering when done I will have over 16,000 when complete and never laid off in the whole period. Now I am down to 984 days to go. Your thread has had a lot of interesting things mentioned that has kept me thinking about adjustments to make. Thank you for starting it. Hope you keep posting as you work toward the new June 30, 2015 date. Goal when I get to mine is to do just enough contract related work to afford my affliction of having to keep adding mods to the car. Tom
  9. I agree with SVT Naja that it would be better to go with the 15" rotors over the 14". The 14" will lose 7% braking capability noticed and longer and softer pedal. Not having exact caliper piston diameters I cannot calculate the true effective radius the caliper will have for developing pressure which decides your deceleration rate. Rough number dropping from 15" to 14" is 12 mm or 1/2" - To get the same pressure for equal braking stop is going to take 7% more pedal travel. That extra travel will make vehicle brakes seem weaker. You would not be happy. DrKSGT
  10. Add me to the list not getting an email. Betting I have gotten only two in the 7 years I have been a member. That is even after having multiple messages to important people to get on the list. Hope they share some other way as well. Tom
  11. Rich, Interesting that the topic shows up now. Recent SAAC meeting a member was asking on how to fix his 2005 Mustang GT and his wife's 2008 Shelby GT. Her SGT is in Texas with hotter climate that explains her having issues. His GT is always in the Detroit area. Glad this solution got posted. Tom
  12. Weird that Texas TRU carries them and neither you in Florida or I in metropolitan Detroit can find any. Kind of given up on TRU here as parking lots are terrible regardless of when I go and the stores are so disorganized. Maybe it is just a local management condition here. ???
  13. I am so much happier having done the Fays2 Watts Link on my car. Curves are so much easier to negotiate now compared to before. The panhard seemed to accentuate roll characteristics in curves to unloading one wheel and when it broke loose I was in for a ride not knowing whether the rocking of suspension or wheel skip was going to put me in the ditch. Now I know I can pull lot harder into a curve and then use the throttle to push me out into the straightaway. I am also getting a better ride on the marginal condition roads here in Michigan. Particularly notice that broken up curb side conditions don't get car into rear body shimmy going straight down the road. +1 to Sam's comment above. Tom
  14. Sure like the concept being presented here. Having the Shelby GT puts me on the side lines for the moment. Looking forward to next one. Right now I have my eyes on few things in the Outlet listing. DrKSGT
  15. Interested to see picture the Chassis Tag. Was that Just for the GT-H vehicles?
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