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  1. I have tracked many cars: My SGT/SC was a blast, C7 vettes and Porsches. My 17 911S Sport Chrono PDK is freaking nuts it has 4 wheel steering even, I am not sure of the offset I just ordered what Apex racing has worked out, they work great NO rubbing at all. You can go to their site they have all the specs there.
  2. 285 up front, 305 rear I would like more sidewall or profile on rear however this was combo in PSS 4s and I know from my Porsche track habit that these tires solve all problems. Thanks and seriously I can now actually drive the car, however it HAD stock 11 year old tires on it that were hard as rocks, any throttle at all was sideways, but it is cold here now. These tires I can give it some juice.
  3. PSS 4S apex wheels thing hooks now on street. TOTALLY different car!
  4. Thanks for your info! Sounds rad! What is the best way to kill the wheel hop, do you have plans to do so? I just got a set of Apex Racing wheels and 305 PSS 4S on the rear I will post a pic when I get them mounted!
  5. Interesting the C7 when released they touted as a "front mid engined car".
  6. Right on yes that is my now sold SGT/SC. Bike is very stock looking, until you hear it
  7. Great Story! Your wife is awesome! Sounds like we have the same taste in bikes:
  8. Right On! I also love the Stingrays, in fact a friend and I who is a Ferrari and exotic wrench of the Pebble Beach set did a 5speed back to a 4speed conversion on a 63 Split window for a local rock star friend of ours in my shop. Afterwards, I drove the car a bit and that was it. True love. I wound up getting into the C7's and like you I would love to own a C2 vette. Black with red interior would be mine on that car. I am finding as I get older however that modern cars are just so great, it is not the 80's anymore lol. We are truly lucky these days. As an aside it was dry roads today so I got on the KR a bit, okay a lot. What a hell of a car even on old crappy tires and being cautious! And I agree with your must have list for cool cars!
  9. You are welcome. Funny I have a Fatboy 103 as well. And a Shovelhead chop. About the Valvoline, someone posted the info on the forum in 2008 or so to make the trans shift smoother and I will be dammned it really helped. I think I may have put a MGW shifter on this car as well, if I remember right. The car was really nice. The biggest thing you will need after your SC upgrade is rubber, the stock SGT rubber is really not up to the task. And the brakes of the SGT at the SC power level are downright spooky, even with the Brembos, the car is way fast. Also to clarify I am easy on clutches but not driving, I was taught by a roadrace instructor many years ago that when you release the clutch you should be giving zero throttle. And to practice releasing clutch at idle over and over to get the engagement down. Then nail it! LOL. The look on the faces were usually in the paddock where the question always was "what the hell is under the hood a supercharger?" I always wanted to say DUH!!!! But I am polite LOL!
  10. See that is the problem with cars like this for me, too nice. I have done this twice now, there will not be a 3rd time, unless the cars emblem starts with an F and ends with an i and that is sacrilege for a Shelby guy! I am a driver and use my cars and keep them as nice as possible. This car is beyond that and thus me. Someone else will enjoy it more than me and that is okay. Notice the cad plated inner fender wells, those were also all newly replated and that was not cheap, you will not see another one like this I promise. Original builder spent 15 years on the car and it shows. The frame is channelled 2 inches for the engine and SC to fit under the hood. I had intended to drive it and enjoy when I bought it and well some minor paintwork on a front fender resulted in a lot of other stuff and a full windows out bare metal respray. I have decided that with my height and lower back and anxiety issues a KR is just easier on me to own. And really just as fun. I mean where in the hell does one park this thing? And one rock chip and it is like a small death mentally. In hindsight I should have repainted the fender only and left the rest lightly tattered. Then I could drive it without worry. Now it is a show car once again. LOL. and DOH!!!
  11. Thanks for the compliment. This is a "Paint to Sample" color, basically a high cost option where the car was hand painted in your requested color by the factory to your "sample" i.e. your wife's favorite lipstick, a discontinued color, or a favorite guitar color from fender even. The option is still available fromPorsche and I just asked a salesman about it last week he said it is 11-14k now for the option depending on the finish. My COA from Porsche lists the color of my car as : Paint to Sample Metallic "Can-Can Red". It is a really bizarre color in person, you cannot see any metallic in it at all, but the color appears to shift in different light and angles, really beautiful and darker than Guards Red. This car is also a "turbo look" M491 optioned car, and a low production car for 1984 as well, one of 421 that year and 1180 cars total from 1984-1989. The option had the turbo chassis and body including brakes and pother suspension bits but with a N/A 3.2 engine. Easier to maintain and own without the turbo issues. It is a really fun car with the 3.2 N/A putting out as much HP as the earlier turbo models. This one has had a bit of work done to motor and suspension and is lowered and other subtle mods. My favorite is the stainless header and exhaust cut outs for open pipes, the switch is disguised in the A/C fan switch. The A/C has been removed for weight savings. The car is spotless everywhere with factory cosmoline on the engine cases and the trans, and original paint. It was owned by a gentleman who owned a classic Porsche dealership Route 66 Classics in Oregon as his personal 911. He passed and now I am the steward of the car, he modded it and really it is mostly bolt on mods but very wise ones as only an old air-cooled Porschiphille would do. As you can tell I really, really love this car as much as any I have ever owned or seen, it has a vibe and is nice but not too nice to drive. BTW it has 90,000 miles on it. It is like a swiss watch, everything works precisely and the doors close perfectly with a solid click. 3.2 Carreras are handmade works of art. Interestingly, it was missing the rear decklid when I bought it, lost in the shuffle of a man's 40 year Porsche obsession and associated parties purchasing cars and parts and like a freaking needle in a haystack I found it. Seriously bizarre, considering the rarity of the car. Randomly looking at eBay after catching a buzz, something I rarely do (eBay that is) I saw a M491 specific decklid in Portland for auction. Correct date code and the hue looked just about right for my car's 1 off color. Out of 1180 total cars the specific lid had to be for this specific car. Same area. Turns out it was and I got some other parts for the car as well off of the seller, a guy who owned a VW repair shop there. Nuts.Best part was I was the only bidder and got it for 1/3 of what they usually sell for, just real luck. So I also now have the original whale tail. They are M491 only part so that was rad. maybe some JuJu from beyond I have no idea. The car is so freaking tight and right it is amazing, drives like a new car. And sounds insane under load.
  12. Looks like the Ferrari had a bad last lap, or they opted to save the machinery.
  13. LOL, me too, I am not a brand specific guy either but I will say I like my Porsches a lot. I will post some KR pics after I get the new tires and wheels on it, right now it looks like a really nice low mile 2009 Black KR as delivered from SA. Even down to the wing foot tires. I am still excited about the new Vette, I am hoping one can see the street lights from the drivers seat, hunching over to look out of the windshield I found a bit of a C7 annoyance. If the new car has a good greenhouse feel like my Porsches, I may be tempted to get a Zo6 or a GS when they come out. Mopar guys are a bit odd like British bike guys I will add. LOL. So no hot rod Lincolns but my Pops once had a 66 Caddy Coupe with a hopped up engine built by a guy associated with funny car racing who also was called "The Snake" ;).That was one bad ass Caddy, it looked stock had a slight rumble to the well muffled idle and would smoke the tires from here to New York just off throttle. Car is long gone, but never forgotten.
  14. 2LT is the sweet spot on Vette interiors. 1LT hurts resale and 3LT is way nice to have but is hard to tell from the 2LT unless you know and is not returned on resale. I have had both, I liked the 3LT as that car had already been ordered by dealer that way when i bought the car while still being shipped. The 2LT is what most knowledgeable Vette folks order, which I did when building my own car along with museum delivery.
  15. Bitchen!! Did you have to retune? And what were the costs of the TB and SC total if you want to share...super! Cannot wait for your drive report. What are you running for wheels and tires? Stoked for you.
  16. My M491 car with different wheels on it and the 56 in the background. This and the KR I will never sell.
  17. Also these wheels and tires were for shakedown miles after paint and rear chassis work. Unsure what i will put on for sale, if it goes to Mecum I will probably put on some "modern" wheels and appropriate rubber like 18" or 19" or maybe 20". I dunno, if I were keeping it I would probably want to keep the rear at 15" and find an appropriate front wheel to match rear. Unsure what i will do when car is back from paint shop.
  18. As you can see the car is pretty damn mint. Dyno tuned to run on pump gas. Has new mallory distributor, on and on, it is well sorted and sweet. Also car was in Super Chevy Mag back in the day. And part of a very significant 20 car collection in Seattle for decades parked next to an alloyed bodied Gullwing, so it was well loved. It is going back to paint shop in a week or so for some final fitment and polishing now that paint has "cured" and to recenter the gas tank for the exhaust to be returned to going all the way out the back after the mini-tubbing work during paint. It is a high dollar car. The Currie 9" rear and wildwood brakes are also new. I am truly unsure of what it is worth these days, which Is why I want to get it appraised before I market it. I will say if you are interested you could always make me an offer now though, I may just accept an offer and save myself some time marketing the car or sending to auction. I know that before paint and the mini tub, new rear end and rear discs the car was appraised at 55k before the 35k repaint and 5k in rear end and mini tub work. At that time it had a serviceable but almost 30 year old lacquer job on it. Car was driven 900 miles between 1990 and 2016. That is the milage on the engine and the total build is less than 2,000 miles I think from 1989. I have not added much more than that as it was in paint shop for almost 2 years and I have several collector cars that I rotate driving/tracking. Note this car has a heater but no wipers, so I do not and will not drive it in the rain, another reason I am selling it, I am not a show car guy at all and it kills me letting it sit in the winter, and summers I go boating for months at a time on my yacht, hence the KR makes more sense for me as that is more of a "driver" for me. i squired it as I had wanted the car for about 20 years and the previous owner died, I bought it off his kids a few years after he passed. This car is bad ass however, and I have had my fun with it, and I have a cap of 4 collector cars at a time for my own sanity, lol. Message me here if you are interested as I am truly interested in selling it. But like I said it has one more trip to shop to have minor adjustments. I am that picky.
  19. Stock Shelby installed rear gear ratio, no mods to suspension as converted at SA except Steeda 19" wheels and max rubber. GT500 Brembos, and FRRP brake cooling kit, stainless brake/clutch lines and ati blue fluid. Front Ferodo DS2500 pads rear Hawk pads.modded hood to have functional scoop.Front brake set up was critical between the cooling set up and the fluid change and lines the braking went form suck to perfect no fades and the pads lasted longtime, in fact I have a spare set for my KR now too Valvoline Max Life (high mileage version "for cars with over 100k miles" I know sounds goofy but the stuff works really well) atf in trans makes them shift like butter. And MGM mufflers I think (MGM?). I posted like a freak back in the day so it is all documented. The car was bitchen, sold with perfectly great stock clutch. And I drove the car very hard. The 4.6 handles the mods no sweat, just never ever let the fuel tank get under 1/4 full otherwise you can run lean and then BOOM. My experience was flawless. The boost was a hoot. The car was easy to drive to track days and run hard and then drive home. All on street tires. Fun. My 911 in profile picture I can drive way faster but the comparison in fun is the same, maybe more so on the SGT/SC it wass a true hooligan car and fun to hear the SC, people loved that car and I loved passing 911's in it.
  20. To be clear Two Shelbys was referring to the Kenne Bell S/C tune. All SGT's got the same tune. I found mine without the SC to be a blast. With the SC it was nutty. I have found the KR so far to be barely working to haul the mail on the street like the SC is rarely in boost, but it is winter too, in Seattle, LOL. The convertibles I think did not have the full suspension upgrade however, look in old posts there was a difference between coupe and vert but not in the engine tune. I autocrossed and road coursed my SGT before it was whipped, it was a blast.
  21. You bet. Should help a bit on the cornering and traction, 285 up front and 305 on the rear. Although admittedly I would have no comparison as I am not into pushing the wing foots in the cold and damp weather. I did a similar but different set up on my SGT/SC it made a world of difference on that car.
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