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  1. Yeah, I'll do it on the 18th or so, just in case. Good tip! Thanks!
  2. I called the offering dealer (Lombard Ford in CT) to verify the offer was legit, and they confirmed it was - and also recommended I wait until December 26 to buy it, since my warranty runs out on December 27, and the new one will kick in on the date of purchase. Such a pleasant dealer to work with! Saleswoman said she just sold two warrantys on 2005 Thunderbirds, which is the oldest model year they'll cover. Simply amazing! I've already set a calendar reminder for December 26 in case I forget!
  3. Interesting follow-up...the repairs were completed this week by my local auto body shop, who uses a local graphics company to make replacement stripes and other graphics. Apparently they were able to order an entire roll of the same stripe material that Ford used, so there was no issue with matching the color or finish. The shop owner also told me that, interestingly enough, the OEM material is able to "breathe," so it doesn't bubble or warp due to sunlight. I can tell you that the replacement stripe looks and feels exactly like the original, so I'm one happy camper!
  4. Steven, totally understand! Frankly, I wouldn't expect those kinds of things to be covered at this point anyway. It's close enough for me! I've got about 71,000 miles on it now, and now that the warranty will cover another five years, I'll be driving it a lot more!
  5. Soon after I bought my GT500 in September 2007, I bought a PremiumCARE ESP extended warranty from Lombard Ford, within the initial 12-month, 12,000-mile period, good through 2013 or so. They contacted me soon before that warranty expired to let me know they could extend it as a used-car warranty with the same coverage. I think I bought a 48,000-mile, 5-year PremiumCARE used-car warranty with a $200 deductible for around $1,600. It expires in December 2018, or 98,XXX miles. Today I got another letter in the mail, informing me I could extend it again, as long as the car was less than 13 years old with less than 140,000 miles. On a whim, I got a quote. I can get yet another PremiumCARE extended warranty for 5 years and 48,000 miles with a $200 deductible for $1,933! To put it another way - I'll effectively be covered by the original bumper-to-bumper warranty until 118,XXX miles or until December 2023. For a 2007 model year car. Does any other manufacturer come anywhere close to Ford's outstanding extended warranty coverage?
  6. My Shelby was hit in a parking lot, causing damage to the rear bumper and driver's side rear fender. The shop disassembled the rear and found additional damage that warrants repairs that will require new stripe kits on the rear bumper and fender. They were able to source the bumper stripe kit, but apparently the driver's side lower stripe kit in Tungsten Grey has been discontinued by Ford (oddly, you can still get the passenger-side kit). Does anyone have a lead on a stripe kit, or can suggest a company that can make an exact match? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  7. Registered! I can't make the track day, and I likely have to leave Saturday (so I'll miss Woodward), but looking forward to the Thursday and Friday events. My wife and I came to Dearborn 2011, but my GT500 was still in the shop, so we drove her F-150 on the Proving Grounds instead...that was still quite an experience, but I'm looking forward to getting the Shelby on those banked turns! Can't wait to see some familiar faces and meet some new friends!
  8. I made the switch to the Duralast Gold C-Max pads myself about a month ago, and I'm thrilled with the stopping power and WAY less dust. Stock rotors as well. (Huh, look at that - I replied to this thread five years ago!)
  9. DPap, welcome to the site! I had a 2006 GT convertible before I got my 2007 GT500 coupe, and it's a night and day difference. I recently replaced my TSB'd clutch and flywheel with the latest-generation 2010 clutch and flywheel, and it's finally the car I've always wanted. I don't have any performance mods beyond the Ford Racing CAI and tune, so for that level of power the factory clutch is perfect. It's smooth and easy, even for daily driving. I recommend you go for a 2008-2009 GT500. It's a night and day difference, and there are plenty of low-mileage examples if you keep looking. There are great people on this site that can help you find one, if you're willing to travel a bit. Good luck!
  10. Result: spectacular success! It's like having a brand new car. What a fundamental difference. The pedal effort is one-third or less of the previous clutch, the engagement point is halfway through pedal travel, engagement is smooth, and the chattering and shuddering are GONE! I can finally enjoy my car again! Thanks again, Grabber, for the fantastic information. Instead of spending $60K on a new GT350, I spent less than $2K and have a brand new experience!
  11. I love Top Gear, and I love this clip, but the dyno part always bothered me. For someone as knowledgeable as Richard Hammond to not understand the difference between crank and wheel horsepower is frustrating. 447hp at the rear wheels is about right for an '07-'09 GT500, and puts the crank right at 500hp.
  12. Well, it's time! I have the parts on order with my dealer, so hopefully in the next week or two I will join the 2010 clutch/flywheel club! I recently picked up a Fiesta ST as my daily driver, and after 2 weeks of driving that, the Shelby feels...well, awful. The pedal force is obscenely high, the engagement point it almost at the top of pedal travel, and it's so hard to get a smooth launch. After reading all the positive feedback for the 2010 clutch, I'm looking forward to driving my car, instead of fighting it.
  13. I bought my 2007 GT500 "used" (18 miles on it) in September 2007, and my first drive was the 500 miles from Vermont back home to Maryland. In the span of a year, I went from a 120-hp Toyota Corolla (auto), to a 300-hp 2006 Mustang GT (5-speed), to the 500-hp Shelby beast. What a difference! The first year, it was my daily driver, in rain, snow, sleet, anything but hail - and it handled relatively well, thanks to Goodyear all-season tires. Thought I'd never mod it...but didn't take a year until I did the short-throw shifter and axle-back exhaust. The major mod came in 2009 with the Ford Racing Handling Pack, which turned the car into an entirely different animal. Started going to the track in 2011, and had a blast, even after I put her nose-first into a barrier and caused $19K in damage (track insurance is the best invention EVER!). Most recently, I added my first power mod - the Ford Racing CAI and Tune, which definitely wakes up the motor and throttle response and puts it right on the hairy edge of frightening. Now, all these years later, and with 63,000 miles on her, I'm still as smitten as the day I bought her.
  14. I'll add another vote for the KR exhaust. THE perfect sound for this car. Add the H-pipe if you want to replicate the KR exhaust note in its entirety. (I haven't yet, because the KR mufflers with our stock X-pipe sounds good enough to me.)
  15. I'm signed up for most of the Motor City Roundup stuff, and I managed to get into the Mustang plant tour, but unfortunately got waitlisted for the Dearborn Development Center track event. Oh, well - free day! I'll be arriving Sunday, departing Saturday. Can't wait to see some familiar faces!
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