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  1. Car Dude, I have a 2008 SGT (purchased in October 2017). It appears that all stripes deteriorate with time (my car was garaged always) and everyone, eventually, is faced with your issue. It took me two years to reach this conclusion but I finally did what any number of folks have done and that is have the stripes painted on. Expensive? Yes (assuming it is done right). I don't have the data to opine on whether the stripes that are sold these days are more resilient. I explored any number of stripe products from any number of companies. I recall being quoted $1,000 to replace my stripes (parts and labor). The folks I would have had do it here in San Diego were clear that the stripes would, in time, deteriorate. Best of luck finding what you need. I recall it being frustrating when I was looking. Jim
  2. A 5 or 6 point harness is such that points 5 and 6 attach to the floor of the car and come up between the driver's legs and click into the same buckle that points 1 and 2 (lap belt), and points 3 and 4 (shoulder harness) fasten into. The 5 and 6 points are often called anti-submarine restraints and will keep your body from sliding downward and thereby escaping the protection afforded by points 1, 2, 3 and 4. The raw violence of a crash on a track I am told is impossible to describe for those of us that have never experienced it. Returning to the point about your personal safety, it is the most important thing to protect, check out the 5 or 6 point set-up and confirm that you do not have to change your seats to have that added protection. Best of luck. Jim
  3. I don't know about affecting the value but if you are going to track the car, you should be installing a 5 or 6 point harness in addition to a roll bar. I track my 2008 SGT and before I ever took it on the track, I had a roll bar and 5 point harnesses installed. The track can be unforgiving when something goes wrong so your personal safety should be your number one concern with the value of the car behind that. Below is my worst moment so far; going sideways at 73 mph after losing it in the final turn at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. Point is, if you track your car, you are going to have any number of "moments" when you may need part or all the safety equipment you have on board (hopefully, you will never need the roll bar). Everything else aside, that is one nice car you found. Hope you enjoy it greatly. Jim
  4. This one (https://www.copart.com/lot/34142830) does not appear to be a Shelby but, dang, that was a tough list of cars to look at. Thanks for posting. Jim
  5. I have an unopened bottle of the tequila nestled in the brown wrought-iron cage that was available then. Presently sitting on the top of my credenza at work. Maybe I can retire early. In the end, I will probably donate it to the Terlingua auction for T-21 or T-22. Hopefully, it will bring a good price for the first responders and the high school students of Brewster County, Texas. Jim
  6. For those of us who remember the Carroll Shelby tequila, let us hope the quality of this vodka and this bourbon is above that of the tequila. 😉 Jim
  7. Thanks for the clarification. Before I bought my KR wheels, I bought wheels from American Muscle and it was the rear wheels that did not clear the big brakes. It took the efforts of some here on Team Shelby, notably Michael Bruno, to persuade American Muscle to do the right thing when I found that their wheels did not clear the rear. What I would suggest is that, when you decide upon the vendor from whom you will buy your wheels, get it in writing from them that their wheels, front and back, have enough clearance for the big brakes (specify the brakes to them by make and model number) you are installing on your car. Wise to keep your KR wheels safe. I bought mine used of course and they look good. But when I had the opportunity to buy four of them brand new in the box (with TPMS sensors) directly from Ford Racing when Ford Racing sold off the remaining inventory, I jumped at that opportunity. First time around, I ran the standard GT500 staggered set up. When I replaced my tires (just recently), I went with a squared set up with 275s, which is the set up I run with my racing tires. I can't speak for those with a GT500, but, for the SGT, 275s on all four corners works well. I know the GT500s and SGTs have differences in both total weight and how that weight is distributed so that might be part of it. Enjoy yourself on the track. With the power your car has, it has always been the case that bigger brakes allow you to have matching motor power and stopping power. You will find that your entire experience on the track will change when you have the big brakes as part of the mix. Jim
  8. I am not clear on exactly which wheels you are asking about in terms of rear brake clearance. I run KR wheels on my SGT and have AP Racing brakes front and back. I tried to attached a photo of my rear brakes with the KR wheels on but the image size is apparently too big. Bottom line, I have not heard of anyone having an issue with any big brake setup on the front or rear wheels when using KR wheels. Good luck on the hunt for track wheels. Pay attention to how much each wheel weighs as unsprung weight is something you want to keep as low as possible when on the track. Jim
  9. Beautiful car. Congratulations on ownership of a fine machine. Jim
  10. Given the expense of a new supercharger, a question I have for you is this: What is the reason you feel you need more power? I ask only because most supercharged cars have more power than can be used without spinning tires and making expensive smoke. And any reason is just fine (you can "just want it" and that is a good reason). I'm curious mostly. You will get some great advice on Team Shelby, no matter what your question. Jim Clark
  11. When I bought my Alcoas, I got a tip from a fellow Shelby owner in Oklahoma that they were out there but I needed to jump on it. Who really knows how all this stuff works. Look at your audio stuff. Marketing of an item and the outfit from which it is shipped can definitely be two different things. Jim Clark
  12. Excellent points all. Until I read your post, I had not realized how little Mustang stuff was in there. The show made it clear that the GT350 was very much a sideline for Shelby American back in the day. Jim Clark
  13. Yes, it appears to be Ford Racing. Here is the receipt for the purchase. Jim Clark
  14. A number of years ago, Ford Racing sold off the inventory of these wheels. A number of folks, myself included, bought a set of 4, new in the boxes, for $2,000. I don't know if that helps. I also have another set on my Shelby GT/SC that I bought used. I have not found the Alcoa treatment (if it is a treatment; sorry for my ignorance on that point) to have any advantages (I would be interested in hearing other people's experience with the treatment) and have polished my wheels without regard to the Alcoa treatment. Jim Clark
  15. We have Netflix so I did that search and found it. Watched it start to stop late last night. For me, the most interesting part was all of the historical newspaper clippings about Mr. Shelby both as a racer and as a car manufacturer. Another interesting moment, a very brief one, was when Dan Gurney made a comment about Mr. Shelby's association with the truth. As someone who grew up in San Diego, I saw a fair number of races at Riverside International Raceway, everything from NASCAR to Formula 2000. The footage of that track (there was not a great deal of it) showcased that it was a series of twisties followed by a long back straightaway. It was well worth the watch. Thanks for the tip. Jim Clark
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