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  1. For those of us old enough to be alive (and teenagers at that) when the Mustang was born, Mr. Iacocca was known as the father of the Mustang; a title well deserved. Great film clip that does full justice to the man. From being a "secretary's car" to being a ground pounding muscle car, Mr. Iacocca was there for every step of the journey. With Mr. Iacocca and Mr. Shelby both in the same place now, I can only imagine the discussions being had. Jim
  2. Try Summit Racing: https://www.summitracing.com/search/part-type/hood-pin-replacement-components Jim Clark
  3. I replaced mine with Tokico adjustable struts and shocks. Have taken the car to 172 mph (at Terlingua) and it was rock solid. Jim
  4. Tell me about the hood. Where did you get it or is it a one off? Thanks. Jim
  5. Jonathan, It may be difficult to find one that a person is willing to part with. What about having the supplement imaged and "building" one? Jim
  6. Welcome. Post some photos and let us know some details about the car. Jim
  7. Have Gary call me. I have a set of those wheels brand new in the boxes with TPMS bands that I will sell him for $9,900. Jim
  8. Welcome, Mike. If you are willing to share, what part of SoCal are you in? I am in the San Diego area. Jim
  9. One other possibility is that your smog shop does not have the technical expertise to do the job. My 2008 GT/SC is a Kenne Bell installed by the Magic Man (Bud) and his crew at the Shelby Mod Shop in early 2008. The first time I went to get my car smogged, I had to find a shop that was not scared off by a modified car. They walked me through what stickers I needed to get from Kenne Bell and from JBA (for the headers). Kind of a pain but "doable." I have never had a problem since then. As twobjshelbys says, if someone did a cat delete, you will have to spend some money to replace the cats. I did an exhaust cutout installation that allowed the cats to be retained for day-to-day use but avoided for the track. It shows that you are on the West Coast. I am in San Diego. If you are here, I can get you the name of the shop I use. Good luck. Jim
  10. You may have issues. It was with the rear brakes (AP acing) on my car that I ran into wheels that would not fit. But that was because the rear wheel were wider than the fronts and the offset is what caused the problem. If you have the same offset for front and back wheels and they fit over the front brakes, the rears should not be a problem. Jim
  11. You will get many opinions on wheel size. I do not see 20" as a good option for the track. I prefer 18's but I could see where 19's might be good. Anything from Griggs is top notch so you are good there. I have Tokics on my car for shocks. I was won over by a fellow SGT owner at the Terlingua high speed run in Texas who showed me that, when you crank them all the way down (as you would at the track), the car reacts very well in terms of body roll/lean. Using Tokicos, I was able to take my SGT to 172 mph at Terlingua. The car was rock steady even at that speed. If you have not been to Terlingua, you should make a point to get there (early October every year). Where else will the Sheriff of Brewster County (or any other County) close down 10 miles of public highway and let all of us take our cars to top speed?
  12. Just my 2 cents but I have tracked my 2008 SGT since I bought it in October 2007. It depends on what type of racing you are going to do. The best money you can spend, and to do it right you will spend some money is on brakes. I have AP Racing all around. Below are the front brakes. After that, I would add a Watts Link. I did a Fays brand. Then I would think about adding power but power comes after stopping ability and handling ability. Splitters, diffusers, carbon fiber items and super light wheels, while they have their place, are not usually going to make much difference when tracking your car at what I will call the weekend racer level (which is me). In the end, it is your car. Others will weigh in with their opinions and they have years and years of different experiences tracking their cars so you will find their posts valuable. Jim
  13. Wonder if we can get them direct from: Ford Motor Company - Divisions Automobile Manufacturers in Livonia, MI FORD CUSTOMER SERVICE DIVISION - NATIONAL PARTS DISTRIBUTION CENTER 11871 Middlebelt Rd Livonia, MI 48150 - Wayne County (734) 523-3000
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