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  1. Sam, I am about to embark on the journey you have completed using my Chip Beck hood scoop. The written instructions are great but the photos do not show. I am old and not well versed in technology so the odds are that it is me that is the problem. Any assistance you can give will be appreciated. Jim Clark
  2. Thank you, Andrew. Much appreciated. I had a friend in Phoenix pick up the hood scoop from Chip personally and, while he was there, Chip allowed his 12 year old son to sit in both his 2006 and 2018/2019 Ford GTs. I am looking forward to getting my car, 2008 SGT/SC, all fixed up and then take it back down to Terlingua in 2020 for the high speed run. We did 172 back in 2013 and it had a bit more left (I think). I'm sure the new hood scoop will make it either go faster or look like it's going faster. Thank you again. Jim
  3. This is an old thread for certain but I have a favor if any of you can help. I was fortunate enough to buy Chip Beck's last hood scoop (he thought they were all gone but he found one somewhere in his garage). The favor I ask has to do with locating the thread where Chip posted photos of every step of the process of replacing the hood scoop and making it functional. I am in the process of having my stripes painted on (I know, I know, it's about time) and doing the hood scoop at the same time. Thanks in advance if you can help. Hope everyone is well as Thanksgiving approaches. Jim Clark
  4. The Pod was available from Shelby. I have it on my 2008 SGT/SC and it was installed at the Mod Shop in Las Vegas. $950 sounds a bit steep but others may have a better grip on what we paid for it. Jim
  5. I, too, would like to know upon what information the "They can only be mounted 4x and are shot after that" statement is based. Jim
  6. I have a 2008 SGT/SC that I bought new in October 2007. It has been a great car. Mine is not a daily driver by any means and I have about 23,000 miles onit at this point in time. A bunch of those miles are from taking it to the Terlingua Texas gathering each year. I kind of like the fact that there are few bells and whistles on my 2008 compared to the current crop of Mustangs. I have found the 4.6 motor to be quite capable when supercharged. Lots of fun on the track if you are into that. Enjoy your search and good luck. Jim
  7. twobjshelbys is correct. Be straight with yourself about just how much you will track your car. [Note: One caveat about Bash track day goes back to the first one in January 2008. The track was the inner track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. All of the GT500s were cooking their factory brakes because there were no straight-aways. It was turn, turn, turn. The SGTs did not have that issue given their lower front end weight. The Bash moved away from the inner track because of the brakes and because one SGT was totaled that weekend.] If you will be on tracks that have enough non-braking time, back to what twobjshelbys said, i.e., your factory brakes should be okay. Truth be told, my big brake kit was a priority because my wife knew our son was also driving the car on the track and wanted every bit of stopping power available. With brakes, you never know how much stopping power you will need until you need it. But that's just me. Drive wisely, listen to your instructors and be 100% familiar with your car and you will have a great time. Jim
  8. When I did the brakes on my SGT, I installed AP Racing brakes front and rear (6 piston in the front, 4 piston in the rear). When you have a whole car brake setup that is complementary front to back, you have stopping power you have to experience to believe. Make sure that whatever you do in the rear is designed to complement what you have in the the front if you want to achieve the best braking possible. With the set up I have, there has never be even a hint of fade no matter how hot the day or challenging the track. That said, such a set up is expensive. Mine cost around $6,000 and that was 9 years ago. My philosophy is that you need to spend as much to make a car stop as you do to make it go fast. Others may have a different philosophy so read what they may post as there are people on this forum who really know their stuff. On last thing is that you will need to pay attention as to clearance on your rear brakes. I went with KR wheels all the way around and they will clear pretty much any brakes you can put on the car. Good luck on your project. Jim
  9. The 2007 and 2008 SGTs have side scoops and they are held on by 3M adhesive. I have not heard anything about them coming off. My car is a 2008 SGT that has been up to 172 mph (at the Terlingua high speed run) and mine continue to be firmly affixed. Don't know if that helps or not. Good luck. Jim
  10. For those of us old enough to be alive (and teenagers at that) when the Mustang was born, Mr. Iacocca was known as the father of the Mustang; a title well deserved. Great film clip that does full justice to the man. From being a "secretary's car" to being a ground pounding muscle car, Mr. Iacocca was there for every step of the journey. With Mr. Iacocca and Mr. Shelby both in the same place now, I can only imagine the discussions being had. Jim
  11. Try Summit Racing: https://www.summitracing.com/search/part-type/hood-pin-replacement-components Jim Clark
  12. I replaced mine with Tokico adjustable struts and shocks. Have taken the car to 172 mph (at Terlingua) and it was rock solid. Jim
  13. Tell me about the hood. Where did you get it or is it a one off? Thanks. Jim
  14. Jonathan, It may be difficult to find one that a person is willing to part with. What about having the supplement imaged and "building" one? Jim
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