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  1. Beautiful car. Congratulations on ownership of a fine machine. Jim
  2. Given the expense of a new supercharger, a question I have for you is this: What is the reason you feel you need more power? I ask only because most supercharged cars have more power than can be used without spinning tires and making expensive smoke. And any reason is just fine (you can "just want it" and that is a good reason). I'm curious mostly. You will get some great advice on Team Shelby, no matter what your question. Jim Clark
  3. When I bought my Alcoas, I got a tip from a fellow Shelby owner in Oklahoma that they were out there but I needed to jump on it. Who really knows how all this stuff works. Look at your audio stuff. Marketing of an item and the outfit from which it is shipped can definitely be two different things. Jim Clark
  4. Excellent points all. Until I read your post, I had not realized how little Mustang stuff was in there. The show made it clear that the GT350 was very much a sideline for Shelby American back in the day. Jim Clark
  5. Yes, it appears to be Ford Racing. Here is the receipt for the purchase. Jim Clark
  6. A number of years ago, Ford Racing sold off the inventory of these wheels. A number of folks, myself included, bought a set of 4, new in the boxes, for $2,000. I don't know if that helps. I also have another set on my Shelby GT/SC that I bought used. I have not found the Alcoa treatment (if it is a treatment; sorry for my ignorance on that point) to have any advantages (I would be interested in hearing other people's experience with the treatment) and have polished my wheels without regard to the Alcoa treatment. Jim Clark
  7. We have Netflix so I did that search and found it. Watched it start to stop late last night. For me, the most interesting part was all of the historical newspaper clippings about Mr. Shelby both as a racer and as a car manufacturer. Another interesting moment, a very brief one, was when Dan Gurney made a comment about Mr. Shelby's association with the truth. As someone who grew up in San Diego, I saw a fair number of races at Riverside International Raceway, everything from NASCAR to Formula 2000. The footage of that track (there was not a great deal of it) showcased that it was a series of twisties followed by a long back straightaway. It was well worth the watch. Thanks for the tip. Jim Clark
  8. Same question here. When did they send out the notice? Thanks. Jim
  9. I have the Kenne Bell (installed at the Mod Shop in Las Vegas in January 2008) on my 2008 SGT. When you mentioned the air intake, a properly installed KB has the air intake down close to the ground and far away from the heat of the engine compartment. Is your air intact down low or is it up in the engine compartment? That is question one. If it is down low, is it totally clean? The downside to the low air intake is that it does pick up a lot of "road crap" when driven on the street. In and of itself, even a dirty air filter should not cause the KB to "cut out." When you say that it was cutting out, were you experiencing an inability of the supercharger to attain boost? If you have a boost gauge on your car, you would have that answer. If you don't have a boost gauge, are you sure that what you are experiencing is the KB cutting out? I had an experience in 2016 at the Terlingua high speed run where the car would not accelerate beyond about 140. In 2013, we had hit 172 on that same run. The culprit turned out to be spark plugs that were gapped too wide. In addition to the vacuum leaks, these are some other things to consider. Good luck. Jim
  10. Candidly, while I have the tools to do it myself, I am not going to. There is a place here in San Diego (Mission Bay Classics) that does work of a quality I could only dream of matching. The car is going to them to have the stripes painted on and for them to do the hood.
  11. Sam, I am about to embark on the journey you have completed using my Chip Beck hood scoop. The written instructions are great but the photos do not show. I am old and not well versed in technology so the odds are that it is me that is the problem. Any assistance you can give will be appreciated. Jim Clark
  12. Thank you, Andrew. Much appreciated. I had a friend in Phoenix pick up the hood scoop from Chip personally and, while he was there, Chip allowed his 12 year old son to sit in both his 2006 and 2018/2019 Ford GTs. I am looking forward to getting my car, 2008 SGT/SC, all fixed up and then take it back down to Terlingua in 2020 for the high speed run. We did 172 back in 2013 and it had a bit more left (I think). I'm sure the new hood scoop will make it either go faster or look like it's going faster. Thank you again. Jim
  13. This is an old thread for certain but I have a favor if any of you can help. I was fortunate enough to buy Chip Beck's last hood scoop (he thought they were all gone but he found one somewhere in his garage). The favor I ask has to do with locating the thread where Chip posted photos of every step of the process of replacing the hood scoop and making it functional. I am in the process of having my stripes painted on (I know, I know, it's about time) and doing the hood scoop at the same time. Thanks in advance if you can help. Hope everyone is well as Thanksgiving approaches. Jim Clark
  14. The Pod was available from Shelby. I have it on my 2008 SGT/SC and it was installed at the Mod Shop in Las Vegas. $950 sounds a bit steep but others may have a better grip on what we paid for it. Jim
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