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  1. Thanks 428cj! You wouldn't happen to have PICS for your rear would you?
  2. WOW ... Freaking crickets! ... I can't believe no one has widened their Razors???
  3. I'm looking to add some meat to my rear! I know Alcoa guys are widening their wheels as much as 12 inches with little modifications for clearance. Does anyone have experience widening their Razors? If so you're input would be appreciated! How wide did you got? Did you have to mod anything for clearance? What brand tires are you running and what size? Thanks! :beer:
  4. I personally like MT Street bias (http://www.mickeytho...p?item=ETStreet) I run them on a 17x9 American Racing Razor wheels and even with 700rwhp I have no problems hooking up with 13lbs. Now, it does get a little squarely trapping at 130mph+ with radial fronts .... but it's not that bad!
  5. Im really not interested in CF but thanks.
  6. Thanks for the input guys!
  7. After scouring the internet I have come to the concussion there are not many if any axle failures? Unless I hear differently no upgrades for me!
  8. I plan on running the car a little more this year and with 700rwhp 4k launches I think I should consider upgrading my rear end while I have the axle pulled apart for powder coating (rusty butt). Has anyone upgraded their axles? I'm thinking about Moser or Superior. Are they that much better than stock? Any other recommendations would be appreciated!
  9. Anyone know where I can find these for our car? I love the one piece painted cover by Bangastang but I'm not spending $550 for something that doesn't make my car faster or stronger!
  10. Jon's tuned my car two times and did a fantastic job on both sessions. He's a diligent perfectionist who strides for nothing but the best.
  11. Registered! God I hope it doesn't rain like it has the past 3 years!!!
  12. Come on guys .... there's actually people subscribed to this threat who are interested in the TOPIC.
  13. WOW those look great! Typically I don't like chrome wheels on cars anymore but your car has me back in the chrome camp! I hear you on the axle rust .... every winter I say I'm going to address it but you know what happens!
  14. Lee - I would be very grateful if you could post some PICS of you back wheel mounted in the car. I'm very curious to see how those 335's clear the shock/swap bar bracket on the axle.
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