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Found 112 results

  1. From the album: Heritage

    Anyone's head will turn to catch a glimpse of something seldom seen, history revived.

    © Joshua Gordon

  2. Pathfinder

    A Leap Forward

    From the album: Heritage

    With an image tone of the 60's set, this Shelby sits in the current, while remembering it's past.

    © Joshua Gordon

  3. From the album: My Own and Random Vehicles from Work

    This is a picture of a customer's 2013 Race Red Shelby GT500 King Snake. This is one bad machine and is loaded with everything you can possibly get. He spared no expense and he drives it everyday. Now that is living the dream!

    © B3RSERK3R 2013

  4. From the album: LT's_08_GT-500

    Finally the car I've always wanted. Thanks Carroll
  5. Hi all, I am looking at where to find OEM wheels for my 2014 Shelby GT500. I know many recommend going with aftermarket wheels like the Alcoas or HRE but I am looking for a set of OEM wheels. I have the SVT pack so the wheels are the "Tarnished" - painted sterling grey - set. I have been unable to find them anywhere so looking for any help I can get. Thanks! -Ian
  6. Installing the SS splitter took some modifications to the mounting holes on the carbon fiber part. The factory plastic part has much larger mounting holes to account for manufacturing variability. A few of the bolts on my car were stripped. They are a special order part at the Ford dealer. Thanks to Shelby American for shipping the part in time make multiple Mustang specialty events, and the Woodward Dream Cruise.
  7. Hey guys, Here is the Trailer to the video my company is producing of our own 2009 GT500KR. Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to share this and comment! And on another note, Happy Holidays everyone! -Brandon www.facebook.com/automotiveerotica
  8. A little about me. I live in southern Sweden. I bought a new GT500 SVT in Salt Lake City in June 2011. Me and my wife went over and picked up the 4 July and then we did road trip from Salt lake through Yellowstone and then eastward to Boston and on down to Charleston, SC, where we shipped it over to Europe. We were out driving in a month and it was 5840.89 m in the USA. Today there are 42 GT500 08-13 in Sweden Janne H
  9. We just saw that we have some damage to our 2010 Shelby GT500 front passenger side OEM wheel/rim. Anyone have one to sell or repair options? Ford wants $1200. There has to be one out there that someone took off and has sitting in their garage. 19" wheel is what we have. click here for the photos of the damage http://www.roostertails.net/jstock.htm
  10. Hey guys, this week for some strange reason I decided to go ape nuts with money. Recently purchased bassani headers(now I have full bassani 3 inch o/r xpipe), a tvs blower 2.3, driveshaft, chrome moly k member, and a dynotech driveshaft( too lazy to wait two weeks for the carbon fiber one to be made). Now I just need to know what clutch and injectors I should get? And if possible, maybe a discount code of some sort. Waiting until I have everything before the install so I could do it all at once. Thanks, Beau'
  11. I've been a avid Ford Mustang fan since my childhood. I've been a mustang owner since 2009 when I purchased my first one, a 2009 Bullitt. I am a big fan of Steve McQueen and a the car was perfect for me as I enjoyed something mysterious and unique. More recently I decided to look into purchasing a 2012 GT500. December 2012 I found the perfect car. Coming from the Bullitt it is a huge difference but at the same time you really cannot compare the two. I still own the Bullitt and will continue to do so, so if anything I'm really glad to add this 2012 GT500 to my stable. Here are the specs on the car: 2012 Shelby GT500 Ingot Silver Metallic w/ Stripe Delete SVT Performance Package Electronics Package Recaro Seats Glass Roof I picked it up with less than 2500 miles. The previous owner took very good care of it and never even opened the manuals/supplements. Here are some pictures too: I already have a bunch planned including a 2013 TVS S/C on the way. If your curious to see my Bullitt here is a picture of it - I'm happy to officially join the forum! I'm also a pretty active member over on S197.com and IMBOC.com.
  12. Exclusively for Shelby GT500 owners, these dash plaques are made from 6061 billet aluminum and each model comes in two versions: one has Carroll Shelby's signature stamped into the aluminum, the other leaves that area blank - perfect for sending to the Carroll Shelby Foundation for an autopen signature. For more information on their signature program, go to: http://www.cscf.org/donate/get-carrolls-autograph/ Applications: Only available for Shelby GT500 Mustangs. You must provide your VIN number with order and it will be verified. If your VIN does not match, your order will be canceled. For 2007-2009 GT500 Dash Plaque, go HERE: http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/KIT-SP-DPGT500.htm For 2010-2013 GT500 Dash Plaque, go HERE: http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/KIT-SP-DPGT5002010.htm Jer
  13. treeve

    Old & New

    Track Day 1
  14. The Steel Stallion Ford Shelby GT500 SVT Cobra Vehicle History & Chronicle of Cultivation This SVT Ford Shelby GT500 Cobra is a mind-and-body experience and a vision to behold – genuine pavement wrinkling hybrid of monstrously terrifying toque coupled with dynamic visual acoustics/aesthetics. It was a passionate project I undertook with unyielding attention to detail last year after purchasing the vehicle in impeccable museum-like condition from a surgeon who obviously obsessed over the vehicle’s maintenance just as much as I would. The ultimate outcome: An amazing machine known as The Steel Stallion (due to its world-first 3M Brushed-Steel wrap. I spoke directly with a 3M Executive at the 2012 SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas, he verified this was the first GT500 with a full brushed metal wrap). Original paint color which is pristine, is tungsten, so the vinyl matches very closely - however I even opted for the doorjambs to be wrapped – even the trunk (which is signed and dated by Henry Ford III) sills are wrapped. Application was professionally applied by an acclaimed 3M Certified & Preferred company that wrapped the first domestic tinted-chrome Lamborghini in the USA This Shelby GT500 is a breathtaking example of what is possible with knowledgeable “Cobra Curating” by relying on only renowned engineers and manufacturers. Nothing was left to chance/no corners cut. In fact, through this Cobra’s creation I went through great lengths to personally observe and inspect each phase and step of the workmanship (even traveling with the vehicle out of state during transportation, taking time off work and having it transported back home in a secure covered trailer). As soon as it arrived back to Ohio this past winter, it was put into storage - so as much as it pains me to say it, this monument of muscle has been painstakingly brought into existence for whomever ends up lucky enough to purchase her. The specifics of this GT500 Shelby are frankly too numerous to enumerate one-by-one. Everything from a performance upgrade to aesthetics has been given careful contemplation and expert execution (eventuating in an a 600ft/lb beautiful beast that drives blissfully until you stomp the pedal). The list below is in no way meant to serve as an exhaustive list of all the modifications that have been performed to enhance this stunning Shelby, but they include... • World's top-rated radar detector from Escort (9500ix) hardwired and mounted with a special rotating bracket to the rear-view mirror (very stealthy) • Touch-screen brand new Navigation system w/Bluetooth stream music/hands-free calling/satellite-radio/DVD player that can be operated while driving • Custom-fabricated blinding brand new HID head & fog-lights (a very rare feature that cannot be opted for from Ford during this model-year series) • Total body conversion echoing the legendary Eleanor Shelby w/ a unique and aggressive modern twist • Band new sequential LED taillights that have been wrapped in 3M black brushed-steel to perfectly compliment the visual orchestration • Super Snake/Shelby-KR hood with functional heat extraction vents with black anodized horizontal-billet inserts to match the new front grilles • FordGT functional supercar push-start • Forged 3-piece 20s designed exclusively w/Lexani engineers from scratch (blanks) according to specific spec-measurements to fit the newly painted Brembo brakes • Brand new Nitto track-ready fresh rubber all around • FRPP suspension spring upgrade offering more confident and tight cornering as well as a flawless flush fitment around the wheel setup • Stainless side-exhaust system fully complete from the engine-block-back w/best-of-best Kooks headers mated to straight pipes that are catted and have resonator-chambers (a symphony!) • Carbon Fiber 127mm JLT CAI • Carbon Fiber APR downforce splitter • AND ON AND ON... Even the small nuances such as the window tint along with the other media/electronic enhancements were installed by an award winning technician who was awarded and selected by Kenwood themselves as a nationally ranked installation expert and trainer (the tint for example was installed and re-installed three times, and it is under a fully transferable warranty, as I wanted to ensure absolute perfection). Other additions like the complete upper/lower black horizontal grille assembly inserts and the APR genuine carbon fiber down-force splitter were added after weeks of contemplation and visualizing, and ended up being picture-perfect to add mind-blowing aggressiveness to the front end (as if the Cobra didn’t have enough)! With the factory Premium Interior Option selected offering the hand-stitched leather dash and concise booming sound from the Shaker system boosted with a 12’’ custom-installed Alpine sub-woofer, as good as the music sounds you'll be reluctant to ever use the Navigation/DVD/MP3/Satellite-Radio once you hear the hauntingly infectious roaring sound of this hellacious horse's exhaust note! I had planned on keeping this stunning Shelby forever, passing it onto a child and making it a legacy “heirloom” in the family (which is why such compulsive care was taken during its cultivation), but a forthcoming business expansion/re-investment have prompted me to rethink this asset. It goes without saying: This is an immaculate smoke-free car and has NEVER been raced, abused, or damaged in any fathomable way – she has only been pampered since she was manufactured with a clear title. Contemplate the push of that bright red start button and feeling the electric throbbing sensation as an entire stampeding stable of furious ponies gallops through the open exhaust pipes echoing off your garage walls from the side of the vehicle and directly into your ears (and your heart)! • Dyno-verified at 600ft/lbs at the wheels • She is a story-free, provocatively beautiful incomparable Shelby on steroids • Kelly Blue Book value w/exact factory specs & mileage (without the $18,000+ in documented parts/labor costs inflated into the price): $36,500 or WELL OVER $50,00 in verifiable parts/labor -- asking $44,500 (negotiable) Note: Original and Ford/SVT factory parts are available as well. I will make them available for purchase to the buyer for the true connoisseur who wants all OEM serial-number stock parts (hood/taillights/exhaust) Absolutely flawless history completely owned free and clear with the title in... my... palm... since I paid cash for her expecting to retain ownership for the rest of my life, sparing NO expense in the process. [[ Please Contact Me if you are a ready, motivated buyer, or collector who appreciates the beauty and significance of a Shelby that has been powerfully and painstakingly curated into a Super Stallion ]] This vehicle is being listed across several websites, forums, and auction resources – so it will NOT last long. The sound, the look, and the heritage… it has all been amplified tastefully and professional with a hat-tip toward the Eleanor legend!
  15. 2008 SHELBY GT500KR Shelby CSM Number 08KR0484 Single owner since new. 3000 miles. Silver with blue stripes. Approximately $6000 in upgrades and spare parts included. Installed: Center gauge pod and sequential tail lights Included but not yet installed: 1. Undersize supercharger pulley kit 2. Rear muffler deletes 3. 2010 GT500 steering wheel with improved sound system controls 4. Upgraded stereo/NAV system, direct replacement 5. Shelby Cover 6. Shelby Wall Plaque with serial number 7. Spare carbon fiber front spoiler 8. Spare floor mats 9. Spare stripes 10. Spare set of 4 factory tires mounted on factory KR wheels Located in Shreveport, LA Alan Sorkey asorkey@hotmail.com $54,500
  16. http://www.shelbystore.com/Shelby-GT500-Shift-Boot-Retainer-p/s10m-7a210-u.htm Jer
  17. http://www.shelbystore.com/Shelby-GT500-Brake-Duct-kit-p/s7m-2005-c.htm Jer
  18. Hi All, I just installed a KB 2.8 LC in my 2011 GT500 and they didn't include the instructions on routing the cooler lines from the front of the SC to the intercooler lines. (Assuming that's where you would connect them.) Can someone post some pictures of how you have them routed? Would really appreciate the help guys. Thanks! -G
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