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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, so I have a question. Recently, I was driving to a patient's house, was cruising at highway speed, put the car in 6th and everything appeared fine. Car was around 2k RPM's. I pressed on the gas to get around another vehicle and a loud screechy noise came out of the front of the car. I downshifted and didn't see anymore problems. So, now, it seems like the Supercharger belt is slipping, thought it was just weird that the loud noise only came when the RPM's were lower. Lets say I'm in 3rd gear, around 2 to 2.5k RPM and step on the gas, engage the boost....RPM's go up, boost gauge goes up, loud noise happens, but the car doesn't respond. The RPM's will drop back to where they were and the car "catches up". The loud screechy noise only lasts for a second or two. If the car is above 3k RPM's, the boost still engages, the RPM's go up without the car responding, then the car catches up, but no loud noise. This is my first car with a supercharger so not sure what to look for. The belt looks okay to me, but again, not really sure what to look for. The car is stock. although I have been looking at changing the pulley to a 2.4. I can take a video of what happens if that will help. Wanted to check here first before going to my Ford dealer. Thanks all
  2. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kirk, I live in VA and have owned my Shelby GT500 since 2011. Love the car, of course have had ups and downs with the dreaded clutch issue, but all in all, wouldn't trade it for the world. I have a 2007 GT500, so far with no mods although I am finally starting to upgrade. Ordering my new rear LCA's today, will also order the rear UPC but I may have a shop install that one as I don't know how I would be able to obtain the proper torque when reinstalling. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. Hope to have many more posts.
  3. I am having some modifications done to my 2007 Shelby. One thing I am adding is a Whipple 2.9 L supercharger. The car only has 1,600 miles on it, so I was thinking of selling the original supercharger. Any idea what I should be asking? I want to be fair, but I don't want to "give" it away. Thanks.
  4. I decided to look into some alternate fluids for my 07 GT500. I received a nice letter back from Royal Purple this morning with what they recommend for the 07 GT500. I am not affiliated with nor know anyone that is, nor have stock or any financial dealings with Royal Purple. This was purely solicited for my personal use. I'm simply sharing it with other members of 07 GT500s. I would strongly recommend that if you any other vehicle other than an '07, I would contact Jim and get the correct recommendations for your years and setup. I have also done the same with 2 other manufacturers, but have not heard back from them as of yet. I will post their reply when received. Good morning Sammy, Royal Purple Synchromax part #12512 is the full case of 12 quarts, where as part #01512, is the individual quart bottle of Synchromax. Same product, just different packaging. Synchromax is exactly what we recommend for your Tremec TR6060 6 speed manual transmission. It takes 3.7 quarts. Please see below for our full vehicle Royal Purple recommendations. Although we do not make a 5W-50 engine oil, we do however have several great functional oil recommendations for your 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang that are completely safe and a significant upgrade in performance and protection over the Ford/Motorcraft 5W-50. For those Shelby owners that warranty compliance is no longer an issue we recommend the following oils, which are listed in increasing levels of protection with the last one being appropriate for both bone stock cars with catalytic converters, or the most hard core highly modified 1,000+ rear wheel horsepower dedicated competition applications. Royal Purple SAE 5W-40 (part #01540, quart bottle)(for mostly street use stock or lightly modified cars) Royal Purple HPS 10W-40 (part #31140, quart bottle)(for mostly street use stock or highly modified cars) HPS: http://royalpurpleconsumer.com/product-categories/automotive/#!hps-motor-oil Royal Purple XPR 10W-40 (part #01041, quart bottle)(excellent for stock or extremely high boost gas and E85 cars that may have higher levels of fuel dilution)(street or dedicated race use) XPR: http://royalpurpleconsumer.com/product-categories/automotive/#!xpr-racing-oil We also recommend the following for your 2007 Shelby GT500: Engine Oil filter: Royal Purple Extended Life Synthetic Oil filter (part #20-820)(available at Pep Boys and from many online sellers) Manual Trans: Royal Purple Synchromax (part #01512, quart bottle); 3.7 quarts; Differential: Royal Purple Max Gear 75W-140 (part #01301, quart bottle); 2.1 quarts *(Includes limited slip friction modifier); Power Steering: Royal Purple Max EZ (part #01326, 12 oz bottle) or Royal Purple Max ATF (part #01320, quart bottle) The XPR oils are able to be special ordered at most local Advanced Auto, Napa, Carquest, and O’Reilly’s. It is also available online at Summit Racing, Jeg’s, lucky7trucks.com, Amazon.com or Pace Performance. Due to HPS being a relatively new product your local stores will likely not have HPS on the shelves. However a special order can be done at most local NAPAs and all O’Reilly’s in the USA. XPR and HPS are definitely available on line and shipping at the following performance outlets: Lucky7trucks.com: http://www.lucky7trucks.com/_e/dept/08-001-011/HPS_High_Performance_Street_Oil.htm Summit Racing: http://www.summitracing.com/search/?keyword=royal%20purple%20hps&dds=1 Pace Performance: http://paceperformance.com/c-241647-pace-super-stores-royal-purple-automotive-product-line-royal-purple-hps-street-motor-oil.html Jegs: http://www.jegs.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/KeywordSearchCmd?storeId=10001&catalogId=10002&langId=-1&Ntk=all&Jnar=0&Ne=1%2B2%2B3%2B13%2B1147708&searchTerm=royal+purple+hps Amazon.com Web site- http://www.royalpurple.com/ FAQs- http://www.royalpurple.com/why-rp/faqs/ Locator- http://www.royalpurple.com/dealer-locator/ Thank you for choosing Royal Purple and have a great day! Jim Morrissey Royal Purple
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