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Found 2 results

  1. Howdy, I’m looking to update the Team Shelby Membership kits for 2016. I’d really love to hear what you’d like included. We’ve included the following items in the kits over the years: Hat, Tee-Shirt, Lanyard, Mouse Pad, Patch, Pen, Pin, Magnet, Koozie, Gift Card and Magazine. Any feedback will be helpful. We can even provide a Gift Card in lieu of some of these items. I like to go with the general consensus. I truly appreciate your feedback! Thank you! Tracey
  2. There seems to be an overwhelmingly positive response in including a Team Shelby Calendar in the 2016 Membership Kit. We also think it’s a great idea!! I need you to upload images here so Team Shelby Members can vote on the vehicles and/or images to include! Thanks for such great feedback! We will start the voting process in November. The images can include vehicles, events, people... be creative and have fun! I can’t wait to see what you guys and gals come up with! Tracey THE 2016 WINNERS!!!! I know you’ve been anxiously waiting for the winners of the 2016 Team Shelby Calendar contest. Some of the photo contest links stated different announcement days, but the first link indicated December 3rd, so I apologize for any nail biting! First of all, the photos were all incredible! So much so, that we will be sharing many on social media next year! Thanks to everyone that submitted images. These winners were chosen by you out of the 200 photos submitted! The Team Shelby Calendar will be included in the 2016 membership kit so you can enjoy them all year long! #1 Photo Name: Michael Bruno Team Shelby Screen Name: mywickedshelby Year/Model: 2007 Shelby GT/SC Stats: 700hp L&M Built-Jon Lund tuned 4.6 Aluminator with 2.3 Liquid Intercooled Whipple Supercharger History: Driven through 36 US States and 11 Countries, so far Including hot laps at the Nurburgring and LeMans tracks as well as Shelby events in Terlingua twice and Dearborn three times. #2 Photo Photo taken by Mike Hickey Team Shelby Username: Cobraracing Valley of Fire trip made with Jim Hardie for the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang in his 900 HP 07 GT500 (just finished the engine rebuild the day before leaving). They travelled through the Valley of Fire and met up with the Supersnake, Shelby 1000 and a Shelby GT and set up the shot in front of the sign. On the way Mike raced the Mohave mile @ 175 MPH and the Las Vegas Speedway before driving back to Toronto. #3 Photo Photo taken by William Caron Team Shelby Username: Z-Man Cobra neon sign hanging on the wall at Conover's Racing and Restoration in Hanover, PA. The sign is reflected in the fender of a red 2008 GT500KR. #4 Photo Photo taken by William Caron Team Shelby Username: Z-Man 2008 GT500 in Vista Blue with Performance White Le Mans stripes and an orange FIA stripe across the nose in tribute to the Shelby racecars of the 1960's. The orange being associated with Bob Bondurant. Photo was taken 8/22/14, on a very overcast day. Nikon D7000, 100 ISO, 34mm focal length. To achieve the HDR effect, three images were taken at varying exposures (f6.3/160, f5/100, f8/250), then 'stacked' on top of each other and the best portions of each photo allowed to show through. #5 Photo Photo Taken By: Bob White Team Shelby Username: Ford Fest 2007 Shelby GT500 40th Anniversary CSM 07XL0298 Built July 2006 - Converted March 2009 at SAI Las Vegas Added options. . . FRPP TVS & CAI Shelby Extreme-Plus Brake System Shelby Short Throw Shifter Proud member of Team 40th Photo taken in historic Blackwater, MO in front of the Iron Horse Hotel October 2014. Side note, we met a dozen Shelby owners for a weekend stay at the hotel. The town's population is 159 and the mayor's name is Shelby. Needless to say, our Shelby’s were a big hit in the small town that weekend. #6 Photo Photo taken by William Caron Team Shelby Username: Z-Man This car (1966 GT350) is owned by someone who should be a familiar name to all Shelby enthusiasts......Chuck Cantwell. This photo was taken at a small airport in PA, while a few of us waited for a P-51 Mustang to arrive for a "photo op". Due to bad weather at the home airport of the P-51, the plane got fogged in and never made it down that day. We made the best of it by sharing some BBQ, and swapping Shelby stories all afternoon. Photo was taken 8/22/14, and is an HDR edit of 3 individual exposures. #7 Photo Photo taken by William Caron Team Shelby Username: Z-Man This is the very first Cobra Daytona Coupe ever built, and the only one fully built in the United States (the other 5 had bodies made in Italy). It is chassis number CSX2287. The car is currently owned by Dr. Simeone, and is on display in the Simeone Museum in Philadelphia, PA. The car is as original as possible, having undergone only minor mechanical restoration to be safe to drive, and is being preserved 'as is'. Current value of this car is not something Dr. Simeone likes to talk about, but next to the first Cobra itself (CSX2000), this has to be most valuable Shelby existence. The car was photographed at the Simeone Museum. #8 Photo Photo taken by William Caron Team Shelby Username: Z-Man 1965 Shelby GT350. This photo was taken August of 2008 at New Jersey Motorsports Park. #9 Photo Photo taken by William Caron Team Shelby Username: Z-Man 2008 GT500 photographed in a rock quarry in PA. This is a single photo that has been "tone mapped" then edited to give it a more artistic look. It's a pseudo-HDR effect. Photo #10 Photo Taken by Jim Dombrowski Team Shelby Username: shelbygt500conv 2007 Shelby GT 500 convertible, 5.4 Supercharged, 3.4 Whipple supercharger, Dynatech long tube headers, X Pipe, Borla S-Type axle backs, JLT Oil Separator, DSS Aluminum Driveshaft, Super Snake Hood, Photo was taken at The Tail of the Dragon, 318 Turns in 11 miles, April 2014. Photo #11 Photo taken by William Caron Team Shelby Username: Z-Man This car (2007 Shelby GT/SC) is owned by Doug Niebell (aka Doug_GT350 on the Team Shelby forums). The car was purchased as a Shelby GT, and then sent to the Shelby Mod Shop at Tasca Ford in Rhode Island to have the supercharger upgrade installed. As clean as it is, Doug drives the car to many events including the Cobra Nats in Canada, and the Woodward Dream cruise in Detroit. The car was photographed the same day as Chuck Cantwell's GT350 (8/22/14), as Doug was one of the folks waiting at the airport for the prodigal P-51 Mustang. Photo is a HDR edit of three composite photos. Photo #12 Taken by William Caron Team Shelby Username: Z-Man This photo was taken at Pocono Raceway on the tri-oval track on 8/21 during SAAC-40. Taken with a Nikon D7000 at f/5.6, 1/400th sec, 100 ISO, 250mm focal length It is interesting to note that the side exhaust comes out from under the car, not through a cut-out just behind the front wheels. This was the way the first few cars were done, but was quickly changed as the 'rigors' of road racing the cars would soon crush and flatten the exhaust. Changing it to exit through the side of the car allowed the exhaust to be raised, and therefore less prone to damage.
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