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Found 13 results

  1. UPDATE: GT350 Wheels are SOLD OUT. Shelby Performance Parts’ “Orphan Wheel Program”! We have a small remaining stock on extra, unique, or cosmetically less-than perfect Shelby Super Snake Alcoa (2007-2012) wheels, and they are now being offered for sale, ONLY TO REGISTERED OWNERS OF THOSE SPECIFIC VEHICLES (must be in Shelby Registry). IMPORTANT: STOCK OF "NEW" WHEELS FOR OWNER DAMAGE CLAIMS IS DANGEROUSLY LOW, AND CANNOT BE REPLACED. IF YOU HAVE A SUPER SNAKE, THIS IS VIRTUALLY THE LAST CHANCE TO GET A SPARE OR REPLACEMENT. They have been hand-inspected and graded, according to the following standards: Grade A: An unused or lightly used “demo” wheel that shows no face blemishes. These are sold at 10% discount. Grade B: Lightly used, or containing very small face imperfections indistinguishable from 5 feet away. These are sold at 15% discount. Grade C: Used, or containing a cosmetic face defect, damage, or finish discoloration visible from 5-10 feet away. These are sold at 20% discount. Grade D: Visible face damage, finish discoloration, or imperfections. These are sold at 25% discount. Grade F: Non-functional, unbalanceable, or showing serious defects… suitable for décor, hose reel, or trunk ballast during snowstorms. These are sold at 50% discount. Grades A and B are suitable for powder coating. Grades C and D are ideal candidates for use as a full-size spare, or to mount racing tires or slicks. Super Snake wheels are available in front or rear sizing. Center caps are NOT included, but are available separately. Orders must be phoned in to Tim Hill, (702) 405-3500 X149. Wheels are sold individually. Not all types available in all grades. Shipping and any applicable taxes are an additional charge. No other discounts may be applied to this offer. Quantities are EXTREMELY limited, offered on a “first come, first served” basis - your desired wheel and/or grade is subject to prior sale.
  2. I have one 20x9 and one 2x10 Alcoa 50 year wheels, brand new in the original boxes for sale. I bought a whole set of theses wheels to have a spare front and rear and do not need theses other two wheels, and would like to recoup some of the money I have invested. I am asking $2200, or best acceptable offer for the pair of wheels plus the actual shipping costs. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. E-Mail: dthamiltonhpmd@cs.com
  3. We recently received a call from our friends at Alcoa – it seems they found 100 brand new 20”X9” Shelby Forged wheels in storage there, and asked us what they should do with them. They are from an older manufacturing run, and are simply engraved with “Shelby”, “Forged”, and “Alcoa”, in the usual Dura-Bright finish. It was like a “barn find”, without all the dirt! We decided that the best thing we could do is offer them to our Team Shelby Members. No other advertising, no marketing, no email sent, just a private offer to our most loyal enthusiasts, a chance to own some of the most desirable wheels ever, an iconic Shelby product we’re all STILL very proud of. We want YOU to have them. So, this Monday, December 16th, at 8am Pacific Time, we will offer them on the Shelby Performance Parts Web site: www.shelbystore.com. The Product Page will be visible before then, but we will only let the system “Add To Cart” after the launch time. They will be available “first come, first served”, and each customer will be limited to a maximum of SIX wheels, as we would like to honor people’s wishes to have spares. The price will be $599 each, and does not include center caps (available separately), sales tax (in NV), or shipping. We will again adopt our practice of hand-inspecting each wheel, and repacking them double-boxed to assure safe arrival at your doorstep. Each order will be verified for maximum quantity, and to ensure the purchaser is a current Team Shelby Member in good standing. You will NOT need your Member # to order, it will be checked by us. Any order that does not meet these criteria will be cancelled, with NO quantity delivered to the purchaser. Qualifying orders will be shipped within 10 business days. Wheels: http://www.shelbystore.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=AF1247 Center Caps: http://www.shelbystore.com/Shelby-Forged-Wheel-Center-Cap-p/9s3z-1130-cs.htm Please remember that your quantity will not be reserved until your payment is processed and your order confirmed on the web store's final page. Simply adding them to your Cart does not guarantee any quantity. SO, act quickly when placing your order. Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact me directly at: JerG@ShelbyAmerican.com Thank you all, and Merry Christmas! Jer
  4. These KR-specific center caps fit the 20" Alcoa wheels and are are only available to GT500KR owners. A perfect addition to the new "Fifty Years" Limited Edition Forged Wheel set. Notes: Sold in a set of 4 for $149.99 Restricted Access Part: NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE CSM number required for purchase. Available to 08-09 GT500KR owners ONLY. Proof of registration required. Vehicle must be in Shelby Registry. Call Wendy C. at 702.405.3500 to order.
  5. What do you guys think? I would be interested in opinions. I know these are not the 20s, but has anyone else went with the 18s? Any pictures you could share? http://www.ebay.com/itm/SHELBY-GT500KR-ALCOA-FORGED-WHEELS-/200968099387?pt=Vintage_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2ecaa1d63b&vxp=mtr Thanks, WillyT
  6. Hey guys, I need a rear wheel for my 2008 Super Snake. I know it's not going to be easy to find just one and have only seen sets of 4 on ebay. If I can't find one, I suppose I'll have to find 4 different styled wheels vs spend 5k + on a set. Any help greatly appreciated.
  7. From the album: Misc

    © 2013 Brian Covington, all rights reserved

  8. I wonder how Alcoa Super Snake / 50th Aniv. wheels would look on a GTS. That said, I'll probably get the GTS-package wheels anyway this summer.
  9. WHEW! We have now contacted every Shelby Forged "Fifty Years" Wheel customer who had placed a deposit through our October Pre-Order Program. If you have a deposit, and have not been contacted, the contact info you provided when placing the deposit was incorrect, and you need to email me ASAP. All orders need to be finalized and paid in full by next Friday, January 11, or the order will be cancelled and your deposit refunded. The deadline is necessary so that we can get an accurate count of sellable inventory for those who did NOT pre-order. The final sale date will be announced ASAP. Jonathan Eck will no longer be handling orders, today is his last day at Shelby, and we applaud his efforts to take care of each and every customer for these wheels. All questions or requests for status will now ONLY be handled by me. Email me at: JerG@ShelbyAmerican.com Thanks! Jer
  10. OK, it's THAT TIME! We'll be shutting down the pre-order program soon - we're just about sold out. There MAY be a few more deposit positions available, could be minutes, could be hours. It's the last run. This Pre-Order is the only way to get yourself on the list. IF YOU WANT THESE WHEELS, GET YOUR DEPOSIT IN NOW: http://www.shelbystore.com/Pre-Order-p/8s3z-1007-pre.htm Thanks, everyone, for your support of this special project celebrating Fifty Years of Shelby American! Jer
  11. I have owned my 2012 GT500 for one exactly one year today. Owned the brand new Alcoa Super Snake wheels for six month. Unfortunately the car has spent and enormous amount of time at my local Ford Service Department. The service department has worked on the TPMS and a squeaking noise off and on since I took delivery. A month ago they mentioned they would have to remove a tire from one of my Alcoa wheels in order to troubleshoot the TPMS sensor in the wheel. The next day the service rep called me and said the car was ready for pick up. A a smart-junction box was on order for the TPMS. When I picked the car up I walked around to inspect for damage, but didn't look closely at the wheels. I took the car home and parked it in the garage since they still can't figure out the embarrassing loud squeak coming from the rear of the car. Two weeks later I get a call telling me the smart junction box was in and I could bring the car in for the repair. I pulled my car out of the garage to give it a wash before heading to the dealership. While washing the right front wheel i find two large gouges on the outer bead of the wheel. Sickening feeling!!! I took the car to the service department and showed them the damage and explained that it look like the tire guy used a crow bar on my tire. The service manger said "yes, they should have used a plastic bar and not a steel one". He told me not to worry and that he would look into it. I was a dumb ass for falling for that! The dealer had my car over night while working the TPMS. The next morning I got a call from the service rep who told me the technician had documented the damage on the wheel during the previous visit. They have time and date stamped photos of the damage wheel. He went on to explain how the technician followed company policy to perform a walk around inspection prior to performing maintenance on the car. I was in complete disbelief. I went immediately to the dealer. They showed me photos that had no such time and date stamp. The photos were of the specific wheel in question. Funny how they missed a huge white scrape on my race red paint....no picture of that. I look over the car and low and behold I find damage now on the left front wheel. Almost the exact same type of mark. No pictures of this damage. I later spoke to the owner. He asked why I would ever put aftermarket wheels on the car. He said it does more damage and said the wheels were cheap. Probably made in China! Mind you he is talking about the Alcoa Super Snake wheels that carry the Shelby stamp. Please take a look at the wheel. They say I curbed it. I assure you the car has never been curbed. All maintenance has been performed by this dealership.
  12. The Pre-Order program is now sold out. Thanks, everyone, for your support of this special project celebrating Fifty Years of Shelby American! Jer
  13. Mounting Nitto Invos on Alcoas. My 2010 shelby has Eibach prokit (lowered approx. 1-1.5 inches) and am installing a Hotchkis adjustable panhard. Tire dealer is suggesting the 295/35/20 for rear, and 255/35/20 fronts. Anybody have this exact combo? Any rubbing issues? with people in the back seat?
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