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Found 8 results

  1. My battery died, so I purchased a red top optima. The battery doesn't fit well in the battery tray. Did I get the wrong battery? Any tips to succure the battery better or do I have to get a new tray also? Thanks, mike
  2. Got my new Shelby ...(well new to me)...two weeks ago and got to drive the 20kms home.....was still smiling the next day. Went for a Sunday drive and ended up stranded on the side of the road. "Check Charging System" light came on then battery light ...then 10mins down the road all went down hill pretty fast and died completely...after reading any forum I can find seems pretty common so purchased brand new battery...new 200amp PA Alternator...installed all parts and worked great.(showed 14.6Volts...dropped to 13.5v constant after 90secs.. and putting out 90amps at idle...up to 130amp at 2500rpm). After turning off car and restarting after 3 mins...voltage reads 12.3v and drops 0.4v after 2mins and ammeter show 0amps...so alternator is not getting signal from pcm to turn on !!...however after turning it off and disconnecting the negative battery cable for 10mins...then reconnecting it and restarting...all is well again.(voltage lifts to 14.6v and drops back to steady 13.5 volts..Until you turn off car. Only way to get alternator running each time is to disconnect the battery terminal for 5-10mins...(which I assume is clearing the PCM memory)..makes for a very long trip every drive. Have take to a Auto electrician and he says there is a fault code P0****..something about a field generator..I just can't remember what he said....I have ordered a PCM code reader...(I'll update when I get the exact code) I'm over in Perth Australia....so no dealer here has any clue ??? Thanks in advance.
  3. http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/74225.htm IN STOCK! Jer
  4. Does anyone have experience or suggestions regarding quality replacement alternators? Mine went south last week, and nearly left me stranded...ran a few miles on the battery and got me home. Now I'm looking for a quality replacement alternator that can meet my electrical needs, and might last a little bit longer than 11,000 miles. I have looked at PA Performance alternators as one option, but the warranty exclusions are frightful. I really hope to take the car on a road trip, and would spend the money now to have peace of mind that I won't get stuck somewhere along the way with a dead battery. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. Hi fellow forum members, it's been a long winter here in Laval, Quebec (Canada) and although this white stuff is still coming down as I'm writing this post I know it will most likely melt very fast by the end of March. Being my last storage experience goes back to 1994 when I owned my unfortunately stolen 1992 LX 5.0 I had a few questions I'm assuming one or many of you can help me with. - I had full tank of 94 octane until I decided to take her out for one last run and never got a chance to top her up again before the white stuff hit the ground for good in November. I didn't add and fuel stabilizer in my tank and she's sitting in a heated (60 degree) garage. Is this a problem and if so what can you recommend before I crank her up? - battery has been plugged to a trickle charger since, any electrical recommendations before I crank her up? - I did her first oil change at 6000miles back in September and road about 1000miles afterwards before storing in November. Should I change the oil again and if so before I start her up or can I drive her to the dealer? - tires are 90% consumed, what do you all think of replacing these Goodyear tires to Michelin Pilot Super Sport? I notice they show more thread count and I mainly drive street courses, no drag strips. Thanks for helping out! Crusty
  6. Been gone 16 days from home, reminded my son to start GT 500 at least a couple of time while gone because I let it sit a couple of weeks a few weeks ago and had to jump start it. It's on it's second battery since 8/2008 and I really expected this one to last longer. Got home last night and put the charger on it and went to bed. Tried it this morning and it's DEAD, like so dead the interior lights and dinger won't even work. I tried the charger again on a quick charge and about an hour later got lights and dinger, but no radio, then it started making a really strange sound--from what seemed to be in the rear of the car--a kind of clicking & humming sound, not unlike the clickclickclick it makes when you turn the key and there's not enough juice to turn it over. Anyway, after a few seconds of this weird noise, the charger kicks off, like it's been surged or something. I'm really freaked out now, so I disconnect the battery from the car and put the charger back on--for a slow overnight charge. I've never heard this kind of noise from a car before and wondering if a battery that is this dead would cause it? Also, never had a battery charger to kick off like that before. If it's not charged in the morning, the battery comes off and goes to the dealer....... Any thoughts? Ideas? Thanks in advance! BTW one of my "projects" with my son while on vacation was to replace the battery in his 06 GT.........
  7. My 2009 GT500 didn't start, I was told the battery is dead. The car was always on a Battery Tender. Ford wants to charge me $275 for a new battery. It just went out of the factory warranty by 12 days and only has 3500miles. I purchased the extended warranty. See if I buy another Ford.
  8. Howdy. I need to replace the original Motorcraft BXT-96R battery in my '08 SGT and would like to know what you guys/girls did. I'd say the original lasted about 4 yrs sitting a lot (12k miles on it) without being trickle-charged, but prefer to go with a different brand. There seems to be good & bad feedback on the Optimas, but looks like mostly good. In that case, yellow top is better for me, but what concerns me there is the extra height. The original Motorcraft is 6 3/4" to the very top, the yellow top D35 is said to be 7 5/8-7 11/16" high, so getting pretty close to the hood there. Anybody put this battery in their engine compartment? I'd rather not reroute to trunk. It would be nice to hear what you did/bought, & where you bought. And it would be nice to know if you have any trick to measure the allowable height in the tray, from tray bottom to the inside of the hood when it's closed. I closed the hood onto an open tape measure that had 9" sticking up & was pushed down by the hood when closed, but I don't feel I can trust that much. Sure I can come up with something with more time. Point is I'm trying to figure out how high I can go with the replacement battery. Thanks.
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