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Found 5 results

  1. One thing the GTS doesn't have, is a cobra/snake emblem. Has anybody, or will anybody, put such an emblem on their GTS?
  2. Hello all, I just wanted to share some pics of my new Silverhorse Satin Billet Medallion that I installed replacing the original "FORD GT" plastic emblem. This piece is very well made and solid! I also had the etched "GT" painted vista blue. It was time consuming to remove the old without messing up the silver stripes or paint. I used my ever-favorite blue painter's tape to assist with that! It came out nice but as soon as I barely placed it on the car it was pretty much attached and I am off by just 1/16" on the bottom from dead center going towards the passenger side! Not sure if you all can see it in the pics but when you stand back away from the car in the rear I can see this slight deviation from center. I tried to let it not bother me but I just cannot - too anal! I tried pulling it back off this morning without destroying the 3M tape and it is a no-go. Won't budge. So, I am going to have to blue tape all around it again and go at it with mono-filament line and maybe a plastic prying tool. I am getting another square of 3M tape from Marcello at Silverhorse and then going for round two. I am sure those that have dealt with Marcello and his company know what a great guy he is! Very helpful! Let me know what you all think - Dana
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