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Found 2 results

  1. Shelby GT500 "1000 HP" Heat Exchanger Click here to learn more about this product. When the hot rodders here at Shelby American started building the Shelby 1000, they knew they needed to get the best cooling package they could get their hands on. So in cooperation with C & R, they designed a much larger heat exchanger to handle the extra heat that the new engine was going to be building up with 1000 horsepower on tap. This new heat exchanger features 11" fans to pull even more air across the core then the Extreme Duty Heat Exchanger. Designed by Shelby and C/R, our competition heat exchanger uses a proprietary NASCAR core, which features a single row core with a dual pass system. The intercooler and heat exchanger build higher temperatures in normal, spirited or on track driving conditions. With a stock Shelby or Mustang, the car has an on board computer program begins to curb spark and timing at 100 degrees. 100 degrees within the intercooler and heat exchanger can be achieved within minutes of starting the vehicle. After market tuners change this parameter to begin the timing and spark curb trend at 130 degrees to 140 degrees. Almost all supercharged vehicle owners can comprehend the power difference in their car when they first start it and drive versus 20 minutes later when the car just doesn’t seem to run as well or willing to "Spin the tires" This is what is called "Heat Soak." Applications: 2007-2012 Shelby GT500 Engineered, designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Installation: Click here for help on installing this product. Genuine Shelby American New Product: New Product Release: 25 Apr 2012 Click here to learn more.
  2. To pretty up my ride for the Bash this year I purchased the SAI Coolant tanks. I can see that the drivers side hoses will not line up. I don't want to cut the factory hoses and I don't think the bends would work even if I did. What is the best solution? Thanks!
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