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Found 2 results

  1. After putting a bit over 1300 miles in I noticed certain things that are off about my 2019 Shelby GT 350. Firstly, I noticed there is misalignment of rear body panels though no sign of accident damage though I did see a car suspiciously speeding away from mine after being so questionably close to it as I was at work witnessing it from a window view. Another issue I've been noticing was a very subtle sound when shifting to 2nd gear. I don' hear it in other gears. 1. I got this car brand new. For a $63,000 high performance car to carry the Shelby name while having misaligned body parts is never excusable. If not all the parts of anything are properly installed and flushed in it can affect the aerodynamics of the car and could potentially damage it. I can't help but think what if I drive one day on the highway or on the track and the rear end falls off, or what if water and other stuff get into that gap and some build up happens because of that gap all because of simply cleaning my own car. I chose this car to be both my daily driver and non competitive tracking. The rear right side is perfectly flushed into the car, but the rear left side is obviously not fitted in properly. The gap on that side is very noticeable there's no way you can miss it when compared to the other proper side. The following link is a youtube video of a guy reviewing a new Mustang Bullitt where it amplified my concerns of my own car especially starting at the 2:15 mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lK4UBq7iWac 2. As for the sounds of the car when shifting to 2nd gear, this has been happening before I noticed problem #1. Regardless of being in normal or sport mode, if I were to start from 1st gear and try to go fast and let the rev gauge reach somewhere over 5 to 6000 RPM push clutch all the way in and then shift to 2nd gear there's this subtle sound. It doesn't sound like gears grinding, no clunking sounds, no clutch slippage, it gets into the gear just fine, but the source of the sound seems to come from the stick itself making a whirring sound (not sure if accurate, but I'm trying my best to describe it) but it's only happening as I was shifting for the 2nd gear, and I never hear it happening on other gears. I think I should keep experimenting, but for now it seems that the sound it makes happens as the shifting happens and not on the gear itself making the sounds. I could be wrong and pay attention too much to the vibrations that happen when the car is revving high, but a second opinion would help give me a peace of mind and help me figure out what I can do to fix these issues.
  2. Howdy Y'all, I collect Mustangs of all stripes [shelby/Boss/Stock/Etc.] mainly of the black persuasion, and I wonder if anybody has a list of the different Shelbys and all the colours of the rainbow they come in. Now I realise that certain models in reality aren't released in black, but I really would like black versions of all Mustangs ever released. Help me Team Shelby UR my only hope, Spencer D. Welch II?:>}
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