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Found 11 results

  1. Welcome to the BackCountry Bash! Team Shelby PNWR is hosting this at Sean & Tracy Coiteux awesome new home near La Center, WA. They are the host for the site!Plan on a great day of fun and food and driving! This location has room for RV overnight parking, trailer parking. Close to PIR-SCCA Track Night in America Friday the 18th, 4 to 8:30pm and the New ilani Casino. Plans (tentative): for a morning Pancake Breakfast, Poker Run drive, Social-dinner-movie night.Stay tuned for updates! Best Regards, Brian Bogdon-Team Shelby PNW DirectorWe welcome all Shelby Enthusiast from SAAC NW, WA SAAC, SVTOA, Club Cobra and Ford Performance plus, general car crazy folks! You are invited! We need positive headcount for the breakfast and lunch and dinner. Tracy is planning a pancake breakfast, will you be there early for Pancakes? Pancake Breakfast, yes or no Lunch (will be during the drive-need to warn restaurant of our numbers) yes or no Stayin for dinner yes or no This event is posted on the Team Shelby PNW Facebook wall, also.
  2. Hi guys, Profuse apologies up front for being a complete beginner in the Shelby world. Here's the thing: just for fun I rented a GT-H for a weekend, and I absolutely loved it. Upon returning it, the manager noticed my excitement and told me that these cars would at some point be sold into the secondary market. This was several months ago. Without going into details, Hertz is now holding one of these puppies for me. But, I'm concerned by two things - first, I'm not an experienced muscle car owner, so that makes me "play it by the book" and check my t:s and c:s. Second, Hertz Used Cars is not an experienced premium car retailer .... (again, won't go into details) ... and there have been a few yellow flags for me. So whilst googling the current wisdom on Shelby in general and GT-H in particular, I came across this forum and y'all.... hence my posting: What's the collective wisdom on these? Sounds like around 150 cars, but postings on this site in particular indicate a softness in demand (Hertz seems to be trickling them out and lowering the price in the progress). What's an after market experience here? I'm worried about the somewhat oddball Hertz/Ford/Shelby corporate birthing grounds. I don't know much about muscle cars ... but I do know a lot about product management in other areas of technology. Is it just me, or am I correct to feel some trepidation here? Another way to ask ... let's say I'm in the market for a $50-100K muscle car, and for whatever reason, driving the 16 GTH "spoke to me". Loved the feel of driving it, loved the feel, felt the choices and design of the interior was just as I would have asked for it. Any and all thoughts and comments welcome. Especially feel free to point to other threads / blogs etc, I've tried to read the f-ing manual on this topic before I posted, but it's hard to find extensive info. Thanks and Happy Easter!
  3. CSM 16H0033 LIC Plate # 339LYX (Indiana) Starting Odo: 4595 Ending Odo: 5656 90% hwy, 10% city Approx 85 road course miles on Indy Speedway Rented out of Nashville Airport, 01-05 Sept 2016 Had as much fun as possible in an auto transmission. Has a selector switch for drive modes, normal, sport, track, and wet weather. The engine auto-revs when it down shifts in sport or track mode. Had Michelin Pilot AS3 (all season) tires. The right side stripe just below the trunk lid had some tears in it and the drivers side washer fluid hose came loose when trying to operate the wipers. The hood was very heavy and twisted under its own weight when using the prop rod. It shook and shivered very badly when driving above 70mph. Highly recommend hood pins and prop rods.
  4. Hello all and thanks for looking at this. I thought I would poll an idea and question. As most Shelby's that are tagged as Hertz Shelby's they were built specifically as that, however I was curious how anyone would feel extending this honor to a Shelby that was built and tagged as another model but started life as a factory purpose build for Hertz rental. I do have the Hertz title. My car is a 2009 convertible that was purchased by Hertz originally for their Florida sun and fun rental program. After it was done being a Hertz rental it was sold at dealer auction and I became the first private owner and it became a Shelby Terlingua immediately. Ironically the GT-H and Terlingua shared several parts. So how would people feel about this being an Honorary Hertz Terlingua? I would have no greater pride than to be able to have this designation, as well would love to use the car to promote all other GT-H's.
  5. Just found this Hertz for sale in Ontario. It's in Canadian dollars at 75 cents on the US dollar. I'll leave to the Hertz specialists to discuss Hopefully the link works: http://www.autotrader.ca/a/Ford/Mustang/Woodbridge/Ontario/5_25494508_20150827092811061/?showcpo=ShowCPO&orup=8_15_86
  6. From the album: Cali_KR pix

    I'm blessed with a wife who is patient and understanding
  7. http://www.shelbystore.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=CS6-001
  8. http://www.shelbystore.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=CS6-001
  9. Hello fellow Shelby owners: Did anyone go to the Scottsdale Auction in 2012? If you did can you tell me any information about the two GT-H convertibles that were on the block and sold. Lot number 936.1 and lot number 960.5 They were Hertz Rent a Racers, Black and gold and made exclusively for Hertz Any info or video footage is appreciated. Erik Buckland
  10. I am trying to find a replacement for the thin wire seal that is attached to the engine on mt GT-H. Does anyone know where I might get one, or how to make one? It doesn't seem to be available on the Shelby Parts section of the site. Thanks.
  11. Due to an accident, I need to get a replcement for the security wire that is wrapped around the engine and seal. I saw one online some time ago but have not been able to find it. And as of now I have not heard back from Shelby after a couple of tries. Any ideas?
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