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Found 10 results

  1. Just a curious question for all you guys. If you had a choice on what year KR you could own, would you get the 2008 40th anniversary or the lower number production year of the 2009??
  2. I'm new to the Team Shelby Forum, and want to buy a 08 or 09 Vista Blue w/Silver Stripes KR, just didn't know if the 08 being a 40th Anniversary Edition is considered more collectible than the 09 year? Additionally, I've seen the phrase "VIP Edition, 1 of 20 produced" stated on several KRs for sale, what constitutes a "VIP Edition?" Thanks in advance for helping the latest newbie of Team Shelby! Former owner of a 65 squareback, 66 Fastback, and 69 Mach I.
  3. Saw this for sale in San Antonio. 2008 KR 2958 miles $49000 http://www.jordanmotorcars.net/details/2008-Ford-ShelbyGT500-SanAntonio-TX/12367402?cid=0
  4. This is a truly special GT500KR 40th anniversary car, number 48 out of the 1011 produced in 2008. The first 50 KRs were delivered to a select group of people, and KR #0048 is one of these very special KRs, bypassing the special Ford poker chip dealer allocation process and was presented directly to the owner from Ford with complete documentation to verify. This KR has hundreds of pages of documentation and a complete pictorial catalog of the build process while going through both the Ford plant and at SAI. Documentation on a KR that's usually impossible to get!! She's still wearing all factory plastic, stored in climate controlled environment, car was delivered directly from Shelby to the owners home in enclosed carrier. Only driven in owners subdivision from time to time to ensure and maintain the integrity of fluids, seals, etc... If you want a KR that stands out above all others, except #0001, then this is the KR for you. Take a look at the link below in the GT500 classifieds, for pics, price, etc... http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/88550-2008-shelby-gt500kr-csm-08kr0048/
  5. Recetly, I've had a P420 code coming up, which is a catalytic inneficiency code. A local dealer looked at it and ordered me the H-pipe based on my VIN. I reminded them that my car was a KR and it had a unique H-pipe, not the GT500 x pipe. A week later, the part came in and of course is was the X-pipe. So, I called Ford Racing and they don't believe they have it and I have a message into Gary P. Does anyone know if the H-pipe comes from SAI or FFRP? And this will be done under warranty. Thanks
  6. Hey guys, Here is the Trailer to the video my company is producing of our own 2009 GT500KR. Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to share this and comment! And on another note, Happy Holidays everyone! -Brandon www.facebook.com/automotiveerotica
  7. 2008 SHELBY GT500KR Shelby CSM Number 08KR0484 Single owner since new. 3000 miles. Silver with blue stripes. Approximately $6000 in upgrades and spare parts included. Installed: Center gauge pod and sequential tail lights Included but not yet installed: 1. Undersize supercharger pulley kit 2. Rear muffler deletes 3. 2010 GT500 steering wheel with improved sound system controls 4. Upgraded stereo/NAV system, direct replacement 5. Shelby Cover 6. Shelby Wall Plaque with serial number 7. Spare carbon fiber front spoiler 8. Spare floor mats 9. Spare stripes 10. Spare set of 4 factory tires mounted on factory KR wheels Located in Shreveport, LA Alan Sorkey asorkey@hotmail.com $54,500
  8. On this forum, I've heard guys warn about taking your KR in to Ford, that a mechanic may reflash your PCM. I've also heard some say not to worry about that because the mechanics know not to do that to a KR. Well!! While taking my KR into Ford to have them look at my clutch for a possible TSB replacement, they decided that the clutch was alright and it didn't meet the criteria for a TSB replacement. "BUT, we reflashed your PCM!!! YIKES!!! I nearly passed out. In the end, the manager of service at this SVT dealership said that she could not get the KR tune. That they would have to take the PCM out and send it to FRPP. I called FRPP and after paying $150, they sent me the tune for my KR. I slid the flash card into the ProCal II tuner and my original KR tune is back in. On a side note, these tunes from FRPP are not Vin specific, they are year specific. Rule #1 If you take the KR in cover and put a big sign on the PCM port. Do Not Re-Flash!! This is a KR... Rule #2 If you have a TVS installed, you most likely have a TVS FRPP tune or an aftermarket tune. Return your car to stock before taking it in. Then you won't have to send your tuner back in to have it unlocked. That is typically a $150 charge, but if Ford reflashes your PCM, SCT will unlock the tuner for $75. Rule #3 - Don't forget rule #1
  9. I'm digging some of these new parts coming out, and really excited for the Shelby community. After this latest update of new products, I began my search of some GT500KR pieces, but to my disappointment there were none. I would like to see a shifter ball, billet fuel door, starter button, GT500 Oil separator, etc... At least a starter button for the GT500 that had 07-09 script, not 10-12 script that doesn't match our cars.
  10. Hey guys, anyone know if the shifter that comes in the GT500 KR is the same one for sale on the Shelby store? I love the feel of the shifter in the KR, and if I could get it for the 5 speed, I'd pull the trigger real fast.
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