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Found 8 results

  1. Has anyone swapped the OEM system for the BILSTEIN coil-over B16 ride control COIL OVER system? Is it a plug in? Where did you buy?
  2. I am getting ready to lower my 2008 GT-500 using FRPP M-5300-L springs, Strut Mounts & Jounce bumpers , Tokico Spec D shocks & Struts, and a BMR adjustable Pan hard bar. Would someone with a similar installation please advise if they needed Caster Camber plates after lowering the car? Thanks
  3. I installed Eibach multi pro coilover R2 on my 2012 gt500, and I went this sunday to lighting racetrack NJ. I need some advice as to which settings are the best. I went and set everything all the way plus (compression and rebound in clockwise) and I was wondering if anyone out there have had some experience with these coilovers ON THE TRACK (not street). In my opinion, the handling was superb than stock, but I still felt a little of body roll. Some comments and advice will be greatly appreciated it.
  4. Hi all! I've owned Elenor's Granddaughter a 2010 GT500 for about 18 months now. Got her with only 5.5K on the clock. This last year we spent some time at the track, like one weekend a month for 7 months, 2.5 hr's track time per day. She is totally stock with the exception of tires. I ran MPSS, 255 40 19 front and 295 35 19 rear. Initially tires were great but as I got more experience and speeds increased, the weakest links began to show. So I have questions on the best way to spend limited amount of funds. I've already purchased a set of aftermarket wheels and tires and plan on using the stock rims as my track rims. Things I know ( or think I know). I need more tire up front. I need some negative camber and positive caster. The MPSS are great but I'd like something a bit softer for track use only. The goal would be to last the season. So here's where I need help from you all who've been there and done that. I'm looking hard at Hankook Ventus R-S3's, 275 35 AR19 front, 302 30 ZR 19 rear. I know that's a bit large for the rim width but only by 0.5 inch. Another tire I'm looking at are Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 R in the same sizes. Anyone have any track experience with either of these? I will install caster camber plates this winter and I'm thinking about -3 camber and + 5 caster. Whadda think? Air/water separator? I'm totally lost here. What's the need, benefit? Brake pads - Tried Hawk HP + and they worked well but dang; whole lots o dust! Seats - man, gotta get seats n harness. Looking hard at a Forza type. How far off am I.
  5. All, I am looking for advice, knowledge, understanding of suspension for my 2010 GT500. I wish to race on a trans am style track. I want to gather as much information and knowledge as I can as it pertains to suspension pieces for this car. There are so many packages on the market and I want to understand how they work. Sway bars, bump steer components, Watts Links vs Pan Hard Bars, Coil overs vs Adjustable Shocks, etc. Anyone out there who is racing their GT500 with upgraded suspension components, I would love to hear of your upgrades and why you went that route. If there is reference material out there that will catch me up, please pass it on. Thank you all in advance, Paul
  6. Hey guys, I have some big plans for the car this spring. It's time the stock FRPP shocks and springs go as I have about 23K miles on the car and considering they're almost 6 years old. Not to mention the stock FRPP shocks like to rough you up a bit when you're going over some not so smooth road. I'm going with coilovers so that I can adjust the ride height a bit lower (1/4" or so) and so I have full adjustability for street and track use. Not to mention, the stainless steel coilovers won't chip or crack like painted shocks (FRPP, Koni etc.) and have a lifetime warranty. Debating between KW V3's or H&R RSS Coilovers; Either way they are both awesome coilover kits. KW: http://kw-suspension.com/us/kw_variant_3.php H&R: http://www.hrsprings.com/products/coil-overs/ <- (I'm looking at the getting the RSS kit not the standard street kit. I'm also going to be putting a Watts link on the car and I'm really leaning towards the Fays2. Looking to hear what input some of you may have (The guys who run track/know what they're talking about) etc.
  7. Has anybody out there installed the Shelby front A arm support brace?
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