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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Team Shelby World, we are doing the Back Country Bash again for 2019 and have a couple very special guest! Tracey L Smith and Scott Black are joining us! I have added more details in the Calendar here on the forum, if you have questions please contact me. I have attach a file for the details! see below or go to the Team Shelby forum calendar. Sign up info is there, we are using PayPal. This event t is taking place in La Center, Washington. May 18th. Track time available friday at Portland International Raceway by SCCA - Track Night in America. Quickly: Breakfast, Drive and BBQ/Social in the great Pacific Northwest! we are looking forward to seeing new friends and old friends! Very Best Regards, Brian Bogdon PNWR director. Volunteers are welcome, do you have idea? s, want to get involved? Sponser? Lets make it another exciting , fun and memorable event with great people and cool machines! 2019Team Shelby Back Country Bash Time.docx
  2. jjm


    Hi Everyone, I am seeking some help as to how much my vehicle may be worth? I am unsure if it is an actual Terlingua as it has all Shelby badges. Odometer: 42,000 Paxton supercharger 20' Razor wheels Eibach suspension Shelby breaks/pistons (Baer I believe) Borla exhaust?? I need to check closer on this. 5 speed manual transmission.
  3. Last week my new Shelby Terlingua was delivered, and I could not be more happy with it! This is my second Shelby (other was a '14 GT500 w/ widebody) As the car was unloaded from the carrier, I was blown away. It far surpassed my expectations. The car was breathtaking, and the following pics do it no justice at all. The gloss black, yellow accents, polished carbon fiber, and real stainless steel give it a awesome look! It just comes together perfectly. The metal of badges, grill, and hood vents are small details but really present a extremely high quality hand crafted ascetic. And the brakes look like giant high end high performance jewelry! It is all so much more than the sum of its parts. I am sure you all know the specs, and Shelby threw the entire catalog of the best high performance street/track car options at this product. And it shows. I only got to drive it about 100 miles so far, and I will continue to drive it gently until its first break-in oil is changed, but it is easy to tell - this is no fluffy bunny. She is gentle at low throttle but oh so damm angry as those RPMs rise. Its snowing here for the first time this year (today), so my guess is it will be parked until spring. I want to personally thank the team at Shelby for a fantastic buying experience! They did an outstanding job. IMHO, if you are on the fence about ordering one, and you see one of these cars in person - you are going to regret not pulling the trigger. All the best,
  4. Are you thinking about picking up a 670HP Shelby GT? Or maybe the 750+HP Super Snake or Terlingua, but just can't make up your mind? Well, why not get behind the wheel with the Shelby American factory drivers on the racetrack Spring Mountain Motorsports on Sat. Feb 13 to help you decide? We promise it's the most fun you'll have with your clothes on. The cost for the day is $1,750 and automatically rolls into your deposit on the Shelby you select to build (making your track day FREE!). Slots are still available, but space is limited. Interested? Drop us a note: Sales@Shelby.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Hrsv3OHfhs
  5. Since checking them out at the 2014 Vegas Bash I've been really fascinated with the Terlinguas. I knew OF them before the event but seeing them upclose and personal really got me thinking more about the V6 powerhouse. I had an idea rattling in my head of whether to try and make a tribute Terlingua using either an older body like a '65 but, working at a dealership, my attention turned to the 2015 model. I wasn't terribly interested in the new body, despite seeing it up close and praising it as one of the most beautiful cars Ford has produced, but as a Mustang I'm like a lot of you: skeptical. After getting home I started to think more and more, the 2015 will be at least 300hp, and the new IRS and altered driving geometry could make it quite the track performer and, spiritually, falls in line with what the Terlingua is all about (or at least what I THINK it's all about) I'm not a graphic designer, nor expert, but below you'll find my attempt to conceptualize what a 2015 Terlingua might look like. Triple Yellow seems to be the best base for the project, as opposed to Black with a yellow hood, and despite some wonky perspective here and there and some pixelated edges I think I at least got the idea across. You guys tell me what you think!
  6. Hello all and thanks for looking at this. I thought I would poll an idea and question. As most Shelby's that are tagged as Hertz Shelby's they were built specifically as that, however I was curious how anyone would feel extending this honor to a Shelby that was built and tagged as another model but started life as a factory purpose build for Hertz rental. I do have the Hertz title. My car is a 2009 convertible that was purchased by Hertz originally for their Florida sun and fun rental program. After it was done being a Hertz rental it was sold at dealer auction and I became the first private owner and it became a Shelby Terlingua immediately. Ironically the GT-H and Terlingua shared several parts. So how would people feel about this being an Honorary Hertz Terlingua? I would have no greater pride than to be able to have this designation, as well would love to use the car to promote all other GT-H's.
  7. Terlingua 2015 event email blast going out today with a link to the new registration process. If you have not signed up for the email blasts yet please use the link below to sign up now. If you have signed up but don't see the email, make sure you check your junk/spam folder first. Sign up for email blasts here: http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?llr=aj8n6ejab&p=oi&m=1109340384544&sit=jjxneowgb&f=700f01d3-3b80-47a1-a6e0-d16c24f3525b Register for the event here (alumni only until March 1st): http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=aj8n6ejab&oeidk=a07eacfemrs6317b4a5
  8. I would like to find a deep draw hood made like the Terlingua hood that would fit on a GT500 and allow enough clearance for the blower. Anyone seen such an item anywhere? DC
  9. FOR SALE 2008 Shelby Terlingua CSM #17 Built at Shelby American in Las Vegas High Performance Package, on 2008 Mustang. Dark Grey (Alloy),rear spoiler, (Yellow hood and Lettering) with Shelby Terlingua Leather Interior, Rear Brake option and more. No dings, No Dents. No Accidents, Low miles (approx. 5,200 mi) CSM #17 Options Custom leather trimmed two tone seat upgrade (yellow) Two tone protective Terlingua car cover (new in box) Front Terlingua 'Bra' (new in Box) Brake duct assembly Rear Brake upgrade, 6 Piston Disk Brakes 1 : 3.73 rear end complete axle Terlingua Floor mats (new in box) Terlingua, center console. (There are some pics on the other posting) * For Sale 2008 Shelby Terlingua $ Make Offer (This car is seriously For Sale)
  10. From the album: SOLD - Shelby CS8

    Shelby CS8 for sale - send PM if interested.

    © Domask

  11. From the album: SOLD - Shelby CS8

    Shelby CS8 For Sale

    © Domask

  12. From the album: FWD Performance

    Terlingua Bull Run - 2008
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