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Found 4 results

  1. I am in the need of replacement Whipple Supercharger labels. One of my original labels has fallen off and was lost during a cruise somewhere. I removed the second because it was sliding off and did not want to loose two of them. My first phone call was placed with Whipple who stated they did not have anymore like this. I also contacted Tasca Ford who installed the supercharger who also stated they did not have any of these. Shelby Automobiles were contacted by phone with none available. A large amount of time was also spent searching Ebay for these. I attended a car show last year and found a gentleman with a present generation Whipple Supercharged Shelby GT with a silver and black label affixed to his forced induction. My question is there anybody out there with a set of original labels to purchase or is it possible to obtain a pair of the new silver and black labels from Shelby Automobiles? Any help would be great. Thank you in advance. - Kevin
  2. 07-2937


    From the album: 2937

    downtown Vegas Former Shelby employee. I built this car while I worked there... 512 rwhp, Brembos,cs hood,guage pod,373 gears,sub frame connectors,Factory retrofitted HID lights, signed by Carroll,only car in the history of Shelby to have had something done ( a deliberate mystery)
  3. Hey guys...new to the forum and just had a few questions about mods. I have a '13 gt500...putting on SW longtube headers w/ off road h-pipe and 3 inch exhaust next week with a dyno tune. Anyone have any experience with Stainless Works systems? -Im planning some other mods to my car, possibly the JDM super stocks camshafts, any thoughts on these? Worth 2200 and the hassle putting them in? - What about the stock supercharger? Upgrade to a kennebell / whipple or tweak the stock TVS with a pulley / tune? -What mods would you guys recommend? Any input you have is appreciated. Thanks
  4. There was a thread on a oil separator install for the Whipple supercharged Shelby GT's that I wanted to reply to but I thought it was only for Shelby brand separators. I installed this a few months back and purchased it before Shelby marketed their own. The Fittings are Parker brand. The system seems to work good. Oil does go into the catch container which I drain on occasion. I went this way because I liked the look of the stainless braided Teflon hoses. -Kevin
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