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"Great Recession"

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Don't worry, with Obama taking the census into the White House control, there'll be at least 27 million imaginary Americans to make up that difference.


Gary, coming to Elkart Lake this year, I know economy sucks " have to stay a little on topic!" Ok going for full on topic.......we are screwed for now and probably into the near future!

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I was just courious, as when Microsoft and other Large Companies post Layoffs of 3000, 5000, 10000, etc....... how many of those people are "Over Seas" or do they Lay Off the USA Workers first because they are Paid higher wages. They said over 300,000 People lost their Jobssince 2008 and was wandering how many of those were "Over seas" Jobs.


In the case of Microsoft, they said they couldn't find qualified American engineers (a lie. We graduate more engineers, software developers etc. every year than there are new jobs requiring them) so they are building a new research facility in Vancouver which is only 2 hours away from Microsoft headquarters. They said it was easier to get Indians in Canada than here because we have a limit on H1B visas but in Canada they can hire as many Indians as they want. Thanks Bill. You are a true patriot. :hysterical:

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