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My new "Berg" steering wheel emblem :)

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Think I finally got one. Haven't got confirmation yet...

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OK, spent a little time on my FIRST official mod to my sgt, and pretty happy with the results... here's some pics of the process:


Recieved the emblem a couple days ago:




First, I masked off the area around the emblem so I could hopefully avoid f-ing it all up...




popped the old emblem off, easy, but really bent the hell out of it...




exposed the ribbing that previously supported the aluminum emblem (and hopefully isn't structural to the airbag assembly...)




used a razor blade to shave it down flush, i suspect there's better options for tools to do this, but patience and a razor was fine...




took off my protective tape, and ran a tape line to help line up the lettering on the new emblem...




only used the pass. side adhesive that was on the back of the emblem, which i asked to just be a ring of 3m tape, and added a bit of 1 min. epoxy to that same side to really bond it to the airbag material... I'm really unsure of where exactly the bag tears, but fairly certain that by bonding the emblem to only the passenger side, it should operate just fine AND not go flying off the material into my (or a passengers) body somehow... i got lucky and it lined up good the first time i pressed it on, not sure if it would have come back off to try again!




and FINALLY, how it looks all done!





pics are gone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,still got a copy of them?

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