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Let's see...



CS on my dash plaque and my copy of Mustang Masterpieces[/i]

Henry Ford III on my GT500 manual cover and airbag cover

Mel Darrington and Larry Nichiow (my engine builders) on my strut towers, GT500 manual cover, and Built With Pride T-Shirts (hey, they're celebrities to me!!!)


Music (disclaimer: I'm OBSESSED with Genesis!)

Steve Hackett on lots of CDs (pretty much anything you ordered from him was signed!)

Steve Hackett on my Selling England By The Pound T-shirt (which I was wearing when he signed it!)

Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Daryl Stuermer, and Chester Thompson on a 1980 Duke Tour Program

Phil Collins, Tony Banks, and Mike Rutherford on the 1976-1982 Remaster Box Set (won in an Official Genesis trivia contest)

Tony Banks on a promotional copy of his 1989 solo album Bankstatement (yeah, I'm a geek!)

Richard Marx on a promo card (all that was laying around when he was signing)


That's all I can think of, for now...I need more auto-related signatures to add some balance! :)

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I have the CS Sig inside the car and Henry FordIII under the hood along with my engine builders on the strut towers:

That's about the coolest idea ever, having HF3 sign your rad cover!

I dunno what the guy does at Ford, if he even works there, but for some reason I'm still envious! :)

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Here are mine....I've got Bobby Rahal's autograph on a Kraco hat (1990) and Carl Edward's crew on a 99 hat (acquired at Pocono in 2007 I believe...)






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Carroll Shelby on all kinds of items.

Don the Snake.

Wayne & Walter Gretzky

Gary Patterson .


Thats it .





















Oh & Linda Love Lace :hysterical:

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I looked back and forgot to add:






Craig Jackson

Steve Davis

Amy Boylan


On the air bag panel of my Barrett Jackson SGTs. The car came with a photo signed by all of them so I sent the dash panel and had all of them sign it too.



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