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Even with about $50 in shipping costs to VA, it was still a great deal. I then ordered a JBA SS off-road 2.5" to 3" X pipe from CJPonyParts for $210 shipped to complete the system. It's now in the basement with a ton of other parts to be installed when I get back late this summer. :happy feet:

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Thanks Robert for handling the issue with courtesy and professionalism. Much appreciated. Despite the mistake it was still a great deal, no doubt.

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Looks like the '07-'09 coupe leather seat skins are all gone. My set arrived yesterday.










I was rather impressed with these. No scratches, rips, or tears. The leather is thicker than I originally thought it was. The front seat skins were like a thick, Italian leather jacket. I didn't show them but the box came with the headrest skins as well.


I also picked up one of the $15 strut tower braces. The FRPP/Whipple kit I have on my GT500 won't allow fitment of the factory bar anymore so my intention is to cut/bend/weld/paint the extra material now provided to come up with a factory looking bar that fits. Again, I was impressed. The KR take off was in as good of shape as my low mileage original.




I've also got another little project going on. I picked up a new decklid from Ford, devoid of the satellite antenna hole, and I'll be shaving the faux gas cap/holes, the lock hole, and the 3rd brake light slot (among other things). I'll be adding the CDC '05-'09 High Mount Brake Light Kit that I purchased through Shelby Parts. I'm very impressed with the craftsmanship and engineering that went into such a relatively inexpensive part.








Thanks Robert. Everything I got met my expectations completely.



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