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Shelby GT500 Alternator: New at SPP

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Larger stereos, electric fans, bigger i.c. cooler pumps. . .



Guilty as charged, on several counts. Guess I'll be first in line for the 4.6 model.



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Shelby GT500 High Amp Alternator



Shelby American's high performance GT500 alternators are 100% brand new and were designed to meet the rigorous demands for the need of increased amperage.


We offer two different versions:

• 80 Amp Idle / 160 Amp Max.

• 100 Amp Idle / 200 Amp. Max.



2007-2009 Shelby GT500.



The 100/200 Amp unit requires a new wiring harness pigtail, which is included.


Release date:

New product release: 12 December 2012.

Made in the U.S.A.





BUMP (for Harley Bill to see)




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It's not that they will *fail* from additional load, it's that they can't keep up with the additional demand and your battery will not get charged sufficiently.


Once a car starts, the Alternator is what powers all the accessories and recharges the battery (which drains from parisitic loads and starter useage). The *battery* only needs to be a large enough capacity to crank the engine over and power the ROM and other memory chips in the car (Radio, clock, etc.).


To calculate your Alternator rating you turn on ALL power accessories and note the Amperage draw. Add the Starter draw to that number then add 15% to give you some leeway.


If you put a big bumpin' stereo on a car and crank it up, you will see your headlamps dim with each "thump". That is a sign your alternator is insufficent....AND, you need to add a big capaciter to stop the voltage pulses created by the stereo demand.


A larger rated Alternator is a MUST if you run a lot of, or a single LARGE draw electrical/electronic device, such as a stereo/amp, larger/more cooling fans, large cap IC pump, etc. etc. etc.


The more you use, the more you need (i.e. "supply/demand").


If your car is stock or close to it, you'll gain nothing by adding a lager capacity Alternator. You can have a 500Ma Alternator (no such thing, just sayin') buf if all you use is 80a MAX, it's wasted.




Great info...thx

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edited...after additional info.

Edited by Hooper T

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