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We're reinstalling the hood scoop on a 2008 Shelby GT & don't want to use rivets. No body at Shelby will return my calls, so hopefully I can get answers here.


What's known:


- Need to use aluminum fasteners on aluminum hood.

- Looks like there is space in the hood blanket underneath to allow for the fasteners to stick down some.

- I can't find standard aluminum screws to easily purchase & Fastenal says they can make the screws from scratch, but don't have an aluminum locking nut for them.




- What does the engine compartment temperature get up to? - We're looking at using a Nylock type nut underneath because they can be controlled & gently tightened, which is important since the hood is 2 thinner layers. I've read that nylocks are good up to 250 degrees. The nut would be between the blanket & the hood so presumably shielded from some of the heat.


- Are you aware of an appropriate aluminum fastener to use, besides a rivet? - Fastenal says they'd have to make what I need, taking 3-4 weeks, & they don't have an aluminum nylon nut for it. The fastener we're looking at having made is a #6 aluminum button head cap screw, 3/4" in length, shaft close to 1/8" in diameter, head about 1/4" diameter, hopefully satin aluminum finish or considering blue (car is Vista Blue). I'd have to purchase one or both just hoping the colors match & can't return.


- Do you have a source to convert American standard dimensions to metric? - Since having trouble finding a standard fastener I might have to look at going metric. Prefer not to.


- If Shelby used a 3/4" rivet (shaft only), what length of screw would you recommend? - I'm guessing 3/4" + length for a nut (nylocks are longer than non-locking nuts) + if not a locking nut then extra length for a locking washer. Wonder if missing something...


- I can't use steel at all, can I? What about a brass nut? - It will cause electrolysis on the aluminum screw &/or washer &/or hood. (I had this problem at both hood pins). Even just a steel nut can cause electrolysis to travel up the screw & potentially to the hood at some point.


- Why is this such a damn hassle?



Thanks for your help on this.

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I used aluminum 8/32 rivnuts with zinc plated 3/8 X 8/32 torx panheads with countersinks. Also used blue loctite to make sure they stay in place. Links of pic attached. No reaction whatsoever.





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Aluminum rivnuts are the way to go!


You are also correct that the hood is TWO layers! No matter what you decide, DO NOT attach to both layers - pinching will occur and this will cause dimples in your hood! Drill the correct size hole in the outer skin, but drill an oversize hole in the inner skin to allow nuts, washers etc., to grip the OUTSIDE LAYER ONLY!


I did my own install of the Chip Beck scoop - tedious, but easily done!



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