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2013 Chevrolet Camaro 1LE Coupe review notes

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I'm sure the Bow Tie Boys will like this. Nice package on the Marro.


I've driven an SS and was not impressed.

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I test drove both a 2012 2SS, a 2013 2SS and a 2LT last year when I decided I was going to replace my 2008 Mustang GT (little did I know I was going to eventually get a 2013 Shelby GTS).


Aesthetically, I like the body shape of the car and the interior of the 2013 2SS was like a spaceship.
I enjoyed driving the 2012 2SS and the 2013 2LT, however the 2013 2SS gave me (and my good Wife) a headache after about 10 minutes driving. There is so much low frequency buzz funneled back
into the cabin that my head was going to explode. Interestingly I tried two 2012 2SS cars and 2 2013 2SS cars, and they definitely changed the configuration. The problem was particularly noticeable at freeway speeds.


I think that this is what they are referring to in the review, but it is very different from the kind of exhaust note coming from the Shelby/Borla exhaust on my car, which is loud but has no "buzz" particularly at highway speed.


All the cars I tested were manuals, (and I have always driven a manual). I made clean shifts in the 2012s and 2013 2LT but the shifts in the 2013 2SS's were horrible (my wife asked if they were using "Kangaroo petrol")


Ultimately, I decided that 1) I wanted a V8 and not a V6 2) I wanted a 2013 model 3) Poor rear visibility, bad shifts and an exploding head were not acceptable, so I decided to get a Mustang GT.
I spent weeks spec'ing out my custom California Special build and the evening before I went to the dealer to order it, I casually visited the Shelby American Website and discovered that I could build a GTS for very
close to the same money (though I would have to wait considerably longer) - The rest as they say is history.
Anyway, I would still consider buying a V6 Camero as my everyday drive (when I can afford to get one) but not a 2SS (until they "fix" it anyway).



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I recently rented a V6 Camaro that had less miles on it than my 2013 Mustang GT.


I did not like it at all. The interior is a disaster, to say the least. There was no way to adjust anything so that the steering wheel didn't block the speedo and tach (I am 6-1) and yes, i know the wheel tilts and moves in/out. Visibility it terrible.


The body fit, finish and paint was terrible.


When I got back to my home airport and got into my Mustang I was like ... AHHHHHHH....now THIS is more like it!

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