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Germany's Shelbyforum Calendar 2014 - available soon!

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Hi guys.


As some of you have been really interested into the calender of the German Shelbyforum, we issued a new one for 2014.


For the new calendar we booked 4 girls, of those at least two of them are very famous in Germany (f.l.t.r.) - Katharina Kuhlmann, Kristin Zippel, Kerstin T-Barbie and Jessy Poison-Ivy. Especially Katharina has been in the US Playboy as well and is popular in Germany through several TV-car-shows.





The theme of the calendar is "Hollywood". So we took 12 cars from our members and set them into most popular movie-scenes. Have a look (sample / result):


King Kong








Batman - The Dark Night








Sin City








Men in Black II








Collage of all sheets. In row:


King Kong, The 5th. Element, Death Proof, Matrix,

Baywatch, Desperate Housewifes, Independence Day, MiB II,

The Birds (Hitchcock), Batman, Sin City, TRON Legacy






So if you are interested, just drop some lines here. We'll try again to find a way to bring them to US. Costs incl. shipping will probably be about $ 79,-.



Greez from Munich, Germany



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In the words of Tom Cruise in Top Gun...I'm in!

Cool concept, and execution. Looks like 2014 is going to rock.

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I'm in. These are nice works of art. I buy one for myself for Christmas. Please include me in the 2014 calendar.


Thanks for keeping me in mind.



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I got in tough with the company that distributed these in teh US this past year and it does not appear that they will be offering them this coming year. Any other sources or way to get this directly?

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