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What Rear Tires Are Good !!

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Hey Guy's, i owned my 2012 Shelby GT500 for about 2 years now and everytime i need rear tires i always replace the stock tires which are P285/35ZR20 and as most of you know already, they are RunFlat Tires and they do not last at all, 1 of my friends texted me a tire that he said i should use, so thats why i am here to get all of your opitions, i am not worried about tire speed cause my stock tires are rated for 260 MPH, I just want a rear tire that will last awhile and i am not talking about burn outs because i know NO Tire will really last if i continue doing burnouts, in this treat i posted a photo, These tires are...


  • Size: 285/35ZR20
  • Sidewall Style: Blackwall
  • Serv. Desc: 100W
  • UTQG: 400 AA A


They are BFGoodrich G-Force Comp-2 A/S Ultra High Performance All Seasonal Tires



I Am tired of changing my tires all the time and these look good so i wanted to know what you all though, these tires are in my price range, they are listed at Tire Rack for $172.65, and that is better then spending $300 a tire all the time....Thanks Guy's


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