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Looking for owners of GT-Hs rented out of Boston, MA

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Looking to make contact with current owners of the 2006 and 2007 Shelby GT-H cars that were rented from the Hertz location at Logan International Airport, Boston, MA.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to rescue some of the original spare key rings before they were discarded from the above location. I’m not selling these items…I simply want to see these nearly lost pieces of history reunited with the rightful cars. All I ask is to have the $7.00 Priority mailing costs covered.

I have the spare key rings for only the cars listed below. If you are the current owner and are interested in recovering this original spare key ring from your car’s past, PM me with your vin and CSM numbers for verification as a Boston car, along with contact information (email address).


CSM....06H0013,  06H0021,  06H0022,  06H0023,  06H0030,  06H0034,  06H0035,  06H0042,  06H0047,  06H0049,  06H0053,  06H0055,  06H0059,  06H0069,  06H0070,  06H0074,  06H0093,  06H108


CSM....07H034,  07H035,  07H051,  07H055,  07H059,  07H063,  07H154,  07H156,  07H174,  07H175,  07H176,  07H177,  07H179,  07H182,  07H184,  07H255,  07H259,  07H262,  07H316,  07H323, 07H331,  07H338,  07H345,  07H358

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