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335/30R20s on custom widened Forgestar F14s

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I had been running a 325/30R20 on my Forgestar F14s on the rear of my Shelby without any mods or rubbing for 4 years. It was time to buy new tires by the end of the fall last year, so I starting looking at tires online. I knew there were very few companies that offer anything over a 305 and I didnt want to get a narrower tire so I started looking at wider. Michelin Pilot Super Sports had been getting great reviews from guys with big power, .... they don't make a 325/30R20, but they make a 335/30R20....and wider is always better...lol. There is a 325/30R20 Michelin Pilot cup road race tire, But I didnt want a road race tire

To run these tires, I would either have to get new rims or get mine widened. With our dollar so low and Me having expensive tastes in rims.....I decided widening my rims would be the best way to go. After some careful measuring, I decided to get my 20x11s widened to 11.75, which would be in spec to run the 335s ( 11.5-12.5).

I sent my rims to Weldcraft in Michigan to get widened and 6 weeks later I got them back.


The 335s are really wide......alot wider than the 325....but I read Michelins run wider than other tires

here's a pic beside the 325...The 335 is .75 wider


Mounted width....sorry for bad pic...I was trying to hold the tape and snap a pic at the same time

Beside the front 255/35s

Mounted on the car.....fits like a glove. I really have to clean them

To fit these, I removed the bump stop brackets and the shock dust boots. I have enough clearance that I can fit my fingers between the inner fender and the tire all the way around...I have small fingers though. The drivers side is also a bit more snug on my fingers, I will have to adjust my panhard bar a little bit.

It is still not nice enough to get the car out of storage yet so I cant road test them right now...but we finally got some nice weather this week and the snow is melting fast....I will try to get some pics from behind the car soon.

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Snapped a few pics today....its hard to take pics that look as good as it does in person



I'll snap some more when the car is cleaned up. I'll also get some when its up on the hoist next

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If I may ask what do they charge to widen them? Thought about doing mine as well. There 9.5 now.

Its $275 a wheel

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I finally got the car on the road, so I snapped some better pics tonight. Its still a bit early and the roads are sandy, so the car isn't the cleanest.




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Do you know the back spacing of the widened wheel.

Looks great.


How does the height of the tire compare to stock. Is your speedo correct.


My stock tires were 285/35R19s...so they are about 1" taller......I did not correct the speedo.


I can check the backspacing next time they are off

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