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Automotive Addicts Cars & Coffee

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  • Automotive Addicts Cars & Coffee

    Saturday, June 11 at 8 AM - 11 AM
  • 1 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, Florida 32202
    Automotive Addicts Cars & Coffee is busting at the seams and for June things are going to get even crazier with our Ford Motor Co. display on the upper deck.


    ****For the month of June we will have select Ford vehicles on display on the upper deck. If you own a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicle of any type, please get here early to get a parking spot on the upper deck as spots are first-come-first-serve.****


    As usual, all other vehicles, all makes and models, are welcome to park in the normal lot downstairs.


    Get here early to select your parking spot! The lot tends to fill up within 45 minutes of opening now. Otherwise, you will need to park in the overflow Haskell lot next door or across the street.


    Don't forget our official hashtags - #automotiveaddicts #carsandcoffeejax - use them when posting up photos during and after the event.


    Bathroom facilities will be open on the upper deck inside of the main The Florida Times-Union building.


    *** WE CAN NO LONGER ALLOW PEOPLE TO STAND NEAR RIVERSIDE AVE WHEN CARS ARE LEAVING CARS & COFFEE. WE WANT TO KEEP OUR EVENT GOING STRONG AND THIS IS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN DO IT. Too many people are pealing out and some are drifting out onto riverside ave. All it takes is ONE PERSON and the event as a whole will suffer. Please spread the word. People are more than welcome to stand by the entry/exit gate but NOT by Riverside ave.***


    ***Please be mindful of your speed through the parking lots*** We have a Zero tolerance for burnouts or speeding (anything over 10 mph) in or around our parking lot!!!! Let's respect our hosts. Please spread the word to newcomers. - This ALSO means speeding when the lot is nearly empty. Absolutely NO SPEEDING!!!!!!!! ***


    You can now stay updated through our NEW Automotive Addicts Cars & Coffee site portal at: http://carsandcoffee.automotiveaddicts.com/


    *****Drone footage from a few months ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcmmbaomdQQ


Automotive Addicts Cars & Coffeeutomotive Addicts Cars & Coffee

Automotive Addicts Cars & Coffee

Automotive Addicts Cars & Coffee

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