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Two GORGEOUS '65 350's Under One Roof!!

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There's a high end car store right here in downtown Lajolla Calif. that has two white / blue stripe total rotisserie 350's..... One is from the NY area and has (admittedly) "some sheet metal work", and is offered at $375K and the other is an orig SoCal car and dry. That one is tagged $475K.


It appears that nothing was overlooked on the resto of each. BEAUTIFUL cars! But...................... Very very optimisticly priced.



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So I stopped in and talked to the owner of the place.


Grand Prix Classics

Mark Leonard

(858) 459-3500



The cars are CSM #304 and CSM #558


Both are white / blue and look correct right down to the spare in the back with covers on them. I'm no judge by any means, but they appear to be TOTALLY restored right down to new window rubbers front and rear and all new door glass felt. The small stuff usually forgotten.

For this kinda scratch, they oughtta be!


Anyway, I DO NOT know this guy from Adam, nor have ANY interest in the sale of these cars...just sharing with our community. :cool:

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