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Loudest option

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What would be the loudest setup do not care about drone or any of that other stuff.


Option 1

Lethal Off Road X pipe

Lethal over the axle pipe


One of the following axle backs: Pypes Bombs, SLP loudmouths, Magnaflow competitions, MACS, Flowmaster Outlaw,


Option 2

Lethal Off X

and Pypes or Magnaflow catback




I know I will be getting a lot more sound by doing headers which I am going to do once I do motor work ect. Thanks in advance

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I had the Pype Bombs with a stock exhaust and it was annoyingly obnoxiously loud to the point I was getting headaches from the drone too and had to take them off. I switched to the Ford Racing "KR" exhaust. I've read many times here that headers sound and work well with the stock GT500 mufflers.

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I would recommend the set of Bassani axle back mufflers I have for sale... They sound AWESOME at wide open, but I simply couldn't keep them on the car

if I wanted to have any peace at home... ;)


They are boxed up and ready to ship... PM me if your intersted, they are priced to move.





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32-V I have been trying to get in contact with you for the exhaust but no answer still



GT500_012308, Hey I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner... I'm not getting any notifications on replies to posts on the site... Something I'll have to fix in settings I'm guessing.

In any case, I'll PM you with my contact info and I can answer any questions through emails or texting.





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