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Love racing? Want to get closer than the stands or pits?

Have family or friends that would enjoy up close motorsports fun?

Look no further!!


Position: Sonoma Raceway Course Marshal

Sonoma Raceway is looking for part-time Course Marshals to work on track during raceway events including NASCAR, IndyCar, racing school programs, NASA, 24 Hour of LeMons, CSRG and open test days. Course Marshals closely observe the on-track action to ensure the safety of the drivers and crews responding to incidents on track. Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:


· Work in a course marshal “box” monitoring a specific turn on the road course

· During an on-track incident, wave the correct flag to inform competitors of an accident, oil down, etc.

· Communicate with Race Control on track conditions that may affect drivers’ ability to race safely

· Provide information to track safety crews



Sonoma Raceway will provide training on the types of racing flags used for each group and when to display them during on-track incidents. Course Marshals will not respond to on-track incidents, but rather observe and communicate to Race Control to create a safe racing environment.



· The ideal candidate will be energetic, outgoing, well organized, professional, able to handle multiple tasks, and work well in a fast-paced environment

· Marshals must be able to stand for extended periods and be able to wave a flag

· Candidates will need to communicate clearly over a radio

· Valid driver’s license


Position Classification and Compensation

After training this part-time position pays $13.50 per hour. You may also be eligible to receive tickets to raceway-promoted events.



Sonoma Raceway holds events 340 days per year. The majority of those events require course marshals to monitor the track. Each week an online schedule will be sent to all qualified course marshals. Assignments are filled on a first come, first served basis with no limitations on the number of days worked per week. To learn more about the Raceway visit: www.sonomaraceway.com


Interested Applicants

Please submit resume and cover letter (if desired) to mailto:marshalsonoma@gmail.com



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