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does FORD have the parts for both airbags available yet?

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When I had both sides done on my 2008 (see post above from early Dec. 2018), I stayed with the mechanic in the Ford shop while he did both sides, he a friend of our family.

The one thing he said that has happened on a couple of occasions, that he has heard about, is when the technician loosens the fasteners that hold the passenger side air bag in place and then attempts to push it out from behind (above the glove box) and remove it, the airbag will stick in place and then when the tech applies more pressure to remove it from the dash it pops out suddenly and because it is heavy it unexpectedly drops and the rear fasteners and inflator assy. scrape across the dash area below the air bag opening. <<<To fix this damage, he says the complete dash pad needs to be replaced. <<<Just an FYI for the non-Ford technicians who may be working on these air bags, or even an unknowing Ford technician.


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