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Robert Yates is to be inducted in the NASCAR Hall of FAME on Friday.  This is going to be the biggest emotional response from all the people in attendance for the one person who couldn't be there himself; " Robert Yates" !  Mr. Yates passed on, October, 2 due to liver cancer five months after learning he had been elected to the Hall of Fame.  His last goal was said to be still alive to attend the induction ceremony!  Sadly, he didn't make it!  But, Mr. Yates did write an acceptance speech last year and it will be used in a video to be played during the ceremony.   Mr. Yates career was very diverse and after working at the giant Holman-Moody Ford team he built engines for numerous winning drivers like; Bobby Allison,  and Richard Petty and many others. A Yates engine carried Mr. Petty to his record 200th Cup victory !   Mr. Yates legacy continues on in his son; "Doug Yates" at Roush-Yates Engines.  Doug Yates called his father's election "the most gratifying moment of his whole career".   So on goes the Great Legacy of Robert Yates Engines! I'm proud to say he was one of the "Best Gear Heads" to ever turn a wrench! "


"Rest in Peace Mr. Yates"   Sincerely:


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