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Denim vs. leather? Where is the interest?

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I have about 30 11" x 17" prints of my paintings of Shelby related cars like 289 Cobras, 427 Cobras and Ford GTs. When I go to early morning events I took note of the jackets people wear and out here in Calif. they seem to like denim jackets. so I bought sm e and had my paintings put on cotton and sewed the image on the back. But the most think a denim jacket sells for is about $45. These would include a marque patch on the front or the shoulder.By the way the denim ones have a small caption telling where one an order a print.


But then I saw these ads from Ralph Lauren's RLR ranch, with jackets that look very aged, even the patches. He's charging $950 for these. I was thinking more like $450. The first ones I am making will have Ferraris but I could do some Shelby related cars if anyone's interested.I won't have any caption on the leather ones.  I can't bring myself to besmirch the patches like he does, hey, he's been doing clothing for 50 years! Let me have your opinion. By the way I haven;t seen his aviator bomber jackets in person but I don't like the stiff surface of some real flight jackets, would rather have soft leather. And would rather have brown than black.  Let me know if there's interest and in which material? By the way better to write mendoart7@gmail.com then sending a PM, Thanks


Here's a picture of one of the previous ones done on denim as well as a Shelby related image.



Ferrari painting sewed on denim.jpg

racing 289.png

ralph flight jacket.webp

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