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Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone might know more about what I have here. Awesome find but there is virtually no info about it.

A 1968 Shelby GT350 Mustang Drawing by John Chun.

It says "CHUN  5-'67" next to his signature.

print 1/500

=Really awesome IMG_6751-min.thumb.JPG.47501a8417ba013c370c9f5789c60364.JPGdrawing!

Can you tell me anything more?




More images




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adding a link to more pictures

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I believe those are from a series of authorized reprints of John Chun's original sketches for the 1967 Shelby.  John was the designer at Shelby American who did the 1967 renderings.  Someone may have more info here or at the saac.com forum site.😎

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There is a thread here on Team Shelby about John Chun where a TS member mentions prints being sold at a car show. But better than that why not reach out to John Chun's son at


I would suspect he would have the answers to your questions.


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